December 31, 2010

Philip Catherine & Sylvain Luc

PC on the left from Belgium and the incomparable SL on the right during a soundcheck.
Look how SL wants to communicate. His eyes are wide open and alert. Looking and enjoying.
I've seen SL live once together with Tommy Emmanuel. Tommy was in awe over SL. He felt 'a bit intimidated'. as he put it himself.

December 25, 2010

Konokol and Bob Brozman?

Bob Brozman's website

A few years ago I was the driver of Bob Brozman and a group of wonderful musicians from La Reunion. This small Island near Madagaskar has beautiful rhythms. Being close to Africa it has of course African rhythms. There is also an influence of Indian rhythms. The group played all kinds of rhythmic subdivisions at the same time. 3 beats against 4, 2 beats against 3 while subdividing into even smaller parts. During a masterclass the showed us several groupings. I've written them out in Bob's way using the words 'Play the dog-gone rhythm'. I've included the konokol words to it. You've mastered the principle if you can say Ta=ke-di-mi while tapping the takita or the other way around.  Try tapping takedimi with your right hand and takita with your left foot. Try takita with the right foot and takita with the left..... your choice. Experiment. Have fun.

December 2, 2010

Wayne Johnson superb player

2004 Grammy Award Winner Wayne Johnson, joined the pop/jazz vocal group, Manhattan Transfer, after attending Berklee College of Music in the late 70’s. Since then, Wayne has taken plenty of time off from the gig to keep his solo interests alive. Wayne's "Trio", with Bill Berg on drums and Jimmy Johnson on bass, has also been performing and recording since the late 70's. With six Trio recordings and two solo acoustic CDs to his credit, Wayne has also recorded and performed with an eclectic group of artists in addition to the Manhattan Transfer.
During the last 5 year hiatus from the M.T., Wayne performed & recorded with Rickie Lee Jones for two years and opened as a solo acoustic act for John Tesh for 2 years. In addition to recording many sessions for a variety of artists, he toured and recorded with Japanese pop/jazz artist Akiko Yano as well as Lee Oskar of “War”.

Wayne, along with other label mates on Solid Air Records won the coveted Grammy at the 47th Annual Grammy Awards in Feb. 2005 for “Pop Instrumental Album of the Year”. The recording, “Henry Mancini: Pink Guitar”, produced by James Jensen, is a tribute to Mancini and consists of all acoustic solo guitar renditions of each artist’s favorite Mancini song.

In 2005, Taylor Guitars asked Wayne to come on board as a Taylor clinician. This prestigious position, held only by a handful of guitarists, will have him on the road performing concerts and teaching, introducing Taylor’s newest line of instruments to guitarists all over the world.
Recently relocated to North County San Diego, Wayne concentrates on writing, recording and teaching. Although he keeps a busy schedule with the Manhattan Transfer, his main focus is new material for performance and education. Wayne still plays with the original members of his trio, and has added Don Grusin on Keyboards and Charlie Bisharat on violin into the mix when performing in the LA area. In San Diego, Wayne has a new "garage" band for writing and performing locally. When he is off the road and not performing live, Wayne produces music for a variety of situations and is a guest instructor at M.I.T. (Musician's Institute of Technology) and L.A.M.A. (Los Angeles Music Academy).
Wayne's latest solo acoustic venture, "One Guitar", was released in September of 2003 on Solid Air Records. It is an excursion into adventurous solo acoustic playing with the addition of tapping and hitting the guitar, using a variety of specialized techniques in an improvisational manner, so as to resemble interplay with a real percussionist. The CD was listed #2 out of the top 20 acoustic guitar recordings to own by Jazziz Magazine. Check it out at, Youtube and iTunes

WJ trio, solo & related recordings:

“Henry Mancini, Pink Guitar” 2004 Solid Air Records
"One Guitar" (acoustic gt. solos) 2003 Solid Air Records
"Apache" guitar duo w/Jeff Richman 2000, Miramar Recordings
"Kindred Spirits" (solo acoustic) 1996 GTSP/Polygram Records
"MoJazz Christmas Album" 1995, MoJazz/Motown Records
"Grasshopper" (Re-release-trio ) 1994, MoJazz/Motown Records
"Keeping the Dream Alive" (trio) 1993, MoJazz/Motown Records
"Spirit of the Dancer" (trio) 1988, Zebra/MCA Records
"Everybody's Painting Pictures" (trio) 1985, Zebra Records
"Grasshopper" (trio) 1983, I.P.I. Records
"Arrowhead" (trio) 1980, Inner City Records

November 29, 2010

Hal Galper's Master Class - The Illusion of An Instrument

Check out the entire series of lessons. You will learn sooo much about music and music education. Go to Hal's website and learn more. You can also order his incredible book " Forward motion". That is a must have book for any musician either jazz, classsical or rock.

November 28, 2010

Bob Brozman - Rhythm exercise & "La Mandoz"

In 2003 or 2004 I had the privilege of being Mr.Brozman's chauffeur for a day. I drove him and a group of musicians from the Island of La Reunion (near Madagascar) around Holland. During the workshops and performances they played wonderful VERY rhythmic music. The music is a combination of African and Indian music and of course french musette, La Reunion is still French I believe. You can read a lot of very interesting stuff on Bob Brozman's website

November 24, 2010

Amp guru of Bonamassa & Van Halen

Peter van Weelden interview Dutch

Peter is a great technician. His Twinkleland is a basically a Dumble Amp.
Check out this youtube clip: and you'll hear great Larry Carlton sound!

Check out the Joe Bonamassa clip too.

November 14, 2010

November 12, 2010

Save the Metropole Orchestra

2 hour free Larry Carlton lesson; TrueFire

Now this is a nice surprise. And it isn't even Christmas yet!!

New 2-Hour Bonus – FREE!

335 IMPROV has just been updated to include 2 additional hours of bonus video during which Larry drills down even deeper on 335 IMPROV concepts. Larry answers a variety of questions from players who participated in the invitation-only online 335 IMPROV workshop. 335 IMPROV now includes over eight hours of video lessons with alternate views, tab, notation, text commentary, practice rhythm tracks including several rhythm section exerpts from Larry’s recent records. Since you already purchased 335 IMPROV, you get this bonus for free.

Dean Brown - Guitar "Pentatonic Scales"

I first got to know Dean Brown when I saw a concert of the Brecker Brothers. (Belga Jazz) This was in a line-up with James Genus and Rodney Holmes.
I had it on a videotape and could watch time after time.  Dean has a very rhythmic way of playing and uses a lot of colors. He had a great Wha solo like I had never heard before.
Be sure to check out other Youtube-clips. Dean is an amazing player.

October 29, 2010

Amplitude 2 for iPhone

IK Multimedia is proud to announce that AmpliTube 2 for iPhone is now available on iTunes app store! This is a major update to the leading guitar amp and fx system for iPhone and it is one of the most powerful music creation apps available.

AmpliTube for iPhone - Amp

When combined with the iRig interface adapter, you can now take with you a complete effects rig, a powerful mobile recording studio and a superb practicing tool, all in one!

Here are the new free features included withAmpliTubeLE and FREE:
  • New recorder with insert FX and re-amping
AmpliTube for iPhone - Recorder

  • New speedtrainer to slow down/speed-up imported songs
  • Enhanced sound quality derived from AmpliTube 3
  • Import songs directly from your iPod library on your device
  • Import songs directly from iTunes with file sharing
  • Export recordings to iTunes as WAVs with file sharing
  • Send recordings by email as MP3s
  • New preset naming
  • New set-up panel with input/output settings and metering
  • Now settings can be retained after closing the app
  • Keep playing with the app in background with multi-tasking 
And to expand your recording and playing capabilities even more, here's what is new as in-app purchase:
AmpliTube for iPhone - FX
  • New 4-track recorder with pan, volume, send FX and insert FX + New Master FX section with ReverbEQand Compressor (available for only $9.99/EUR7.99)
  • 5 New Stomps effects suitable for playing or recording guitar, bass or any other type of instruments or vocals: Compressor, ReverbParametric EQ,Graphic EQ and Limiter (available for only $2.99/EUR2.39 each)

Update or download AmpliTubeLE or FREE today!

Get more infoaudio demos, video demos now!
AmpliTube for iPhone GUI
Have Your Guitar Recording Studio Always In Your Pocket.

Xotic BB preamp awesome clips

These clips are really great. Very musical. I have this pedal and so should you. Lol.
Very versatile.

October 10, 2010

Robben Ford & John Scofield with band!!!

Just saw it in Robben Ford'd website:

30  New York, NY -  Blue Note - with John Scofield ,Toss Panos & Andy Hess - link

1-5 - New York, NY - Blue Note (with John Scofield) - link

Sure hope they will record!!

October 3, 2010

Destroy all #guitars

Destroy All Guitars is a collective of boutique guitar luthiers and amp builders led by guitar industry wizard Cliff Cultreri. By banding together under Cliff's representation the DAG collective of builders is able to offer the same pricing as their direct sales but with the benefit of a truly service oriented central sales hub, Cliff's expertise and years of experience in the guitar industry, and the opportunity to bring you special one-of-a-kind instruments that are available only through DAG. Please take some time to browse through the new arrivals area and be sure to visit a few luthier or amp builder's pages as well. We hope you'll consider joining the mailing list, or just drop us a line through the contact section. Enjoy your stay! read more about DAG...

Eartraining on your iPhone

Eartraining is one of the most important but often neglected aspect of making music. Most people work on 'conquering' or mastering their instrument. This often leads to a mechanical approach to making music. Of course you need to train on your instrument but your most important instrument is your brain.  Hearing things more clearly is therefore very important. Karajan is a nice program . It works great for the iPhone. Got it and use it to keep sharp. You can try the free version first to find out if you like and buy the whole version later.


Music & Ear Trainer

Karajan® is an easy to use music and ear training application
for the iPhone and iPod touch!

Karajan® provides lessons for learning to recognize intervals, chords, scales, pitch and tempo (bpm) with detailed statistics. Karajan® is a great tool for music theory students, whether they are in junior high, high school, or college. It is also very useful for every hobby musician.

Instead of solving the lessons by clicking the right answer, you can also use the Multi-Touch keyboard to play it. Just rotate your iPhone or iPod touch to landscape view and Karajan® follows.


 Karajan® BeginnerKarajan®
Key Signatures315
Tempo (BPM)1037
Built in instruments55
Predefined levels13
Individual levels01
Detailed statistics functionyesyes
Reverse playyesyes
Different play modes44
Note nameslocalized,
or Solfège
(do, re, mi ...)
or Solfège
(do, re, mi ...)
Available on the AppStore

Available on the AppStore