April 26, 2010

Larry Carlton 335improv on Truefire

Last week I got 335 IMPROV by Larry Carlton. This is a great Dvd (computer only) for beginners into the jazz/ fusion style mr. Carlton is known for. Not too much information. Clearly presented in a calm and easy going manner. You can watch the whole picture or just the neck. Slowing down the film is also possible. There is also a play along section and tabs for each section. Blues, Smiles and smiles to go, Room 335 and Cold Gold a.o. are used to get an insight into Larry Carlton's musical brain. Truefire is known for high quality lessons online or on disc and this is no exception. If you are a fan or a beginner into this type of music it's great. Advanced player will like if they are a fan of Mr. 335.

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