April 29, 2010

Steve Lukather quotes on playing with Robben Ford

I am off to Japan today with Randy Brecker-Bill Evans-Robben Ford-Darryl Jones-Steve Weingart and Rodney Holmes. NO rehearsals and some wild ass fun stuff to play so I wont be able to check in till I land in a day or so.

I am in Tokyo with a killer band that had ONE little run through. Pretty loose and Randy Brecker will barely make the gig tonight. It will be loose and fun and thats the spirit of the thing anyway. I am honor to share the stage with Robben Ford, one of my faves and a great cat. We play alot different but thats the fun and the rest of the cats are just sick so I will check in tommorow and let ya know how it went.

well night was was KILLER! Had a blast. It was loose cause the first gig WAS the rehearsal. haha But loose in a good way. Randy Brecker was smilin at me the whole time so I guess I was cool. Robben too. What a great tasty player and an awesome touch. Everyone is a great hang and that always makes for a great tour. It is only gonna get better

I am so groovin on playin with Robben Ford and all the guys in this Soulbop band. AMAZING players and I am very inspired. LOTS of improv and sharing musically and the hang is great too.

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