May 20, 2010

Frank Gambale Natural High & selection

Frank Gambale is know for his sweep picking technique. Because of this a lot of people see him as 'just a shredder'. Frank however is a great musician. He's been playing with the great Chick Corea now for many years. His solos display a great knowledge of jazz-harmony and phrasing. He has released two wonderful acoustic Cd's called Natural High and the second one Natural Selection.
On these outstanding cd's he plays jazz in an acoustic setting. Frank on acoustic guitar, Otmar Ruiz on piano and Alain Caron on fretless bass. They play original tunes and a lot of standards. Frank has created his own melodies on the tunes. Have you met miss Jones is now called 'Have you met Tom Jones'. 'We'll remember December' was written over the changes of 'I'll remember April'.
Here you can find a great interview with Frank on a lot of aspects of his playing, gear and a lot more.

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