October 3, 2010

Eartraining on your iPhone

Eartraining is one of the most important but often neglected aspect of making music. Most people work on 'conquering' or mastering their instrument. This often leads to a mechanical approach to making music. Of course you need to train on your instrument but your most important instrument is your brain.  Hearing things more clearly is therefore very important. Karajan is a nice program . It works great for the iPhone. Got it and use it to keep sharp. You can try the free version first to find out if you like and buy the whole version later.



Music & Ear Trainer

Karajan® is an easy to use music and ear training application
for the iPhone and iPod touch!

Karajan® provides lessons for learning to recognize intervals, chords, scales, pitch and tempo (bpm) with detailed statistics. Karajan® is a great tool for music theory students, whether they are in junior high, high school, or college. It is also very useful for every hobby musician.

Instead of solving the lessons by clicking the right answer, you can also use the Multi-Touch keyboard to play it. Just rotate your iPhone or iPod touch to landscape view and Karajan® follows.


 Karajan® BeginnerKarajan®
Key Signatures315
Tempo (BPM)1037
Built in instruments55
Predefined levels13
Individual levels01
Detailed statistics functionyesyes
Reverse playyesyes
Different play modes44
Note nameslocalized,
or Solfège
(do, re, mi ...)
or Solfège
(do, re, mi ...)
Available on the AppStore

Available on the AppStore

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