December 25, 2010

Konokol and Bob Brozman?

Bob Brozman's website

A few years ago I was the driver of Bob Brozman and a group of wonderful musicians from La Reunion. This small Island near Madagaskar has beautiful rhythms. Being close to Africa it has of course African rhythms. There is also an influence of Indian rhythms. The group played all kinds of rhythmic subdivisions at the same time. 3 beats against 4, 2 beats against 3 while subdividing into even smaller parts. During a masterclass the showed us several groupings. I've written them out in Bob's way using the words 'Play the dog-gone rhythm'. I've included the konokol words to it. You've mastered the principle if you can say Ta=ke-di-mi while tapping the takita or the other way around.  Try tapping takedimi with your right hand and takita with your left foot. Try takita with the right foot and takita with the left..... your choice. Experiment. Have fun.

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