September 19, 2011

Benny Greb - Grebfruit (Language of Drumming)

Absolute master. A must buy for every serious musician. Benny explains the fundamentals of rhythm. Not just for drummers. Filmed in beautiful natural surroundings and part in the studio.

September 17, 2011

forScore app

Love the forScore app for the iPad. it works great with dropbox for adding pdf's.

Of course you can also add pdf's to the iBook app. This works better because you add annotations. Mail pages with or without annotations.  I just added a pdf I made of the book Artful arpeggio's by Don Mock.
I copied the book which I had for years onto the computer added it to a dropbox folder and uploaded it to the forScoreapp on the iPad.

September 11, 2011

Time Guru in 4/4 with muting

Time Guru

Metronome for iPhone/iPad

Time Guru also features:
  • various time signatures or combinations of time signatures
  • human voice count (English and Chinese!) for time keeping and teaching
  • presets
  • 18 sound sets
  • tap tempo (5 to 300 BPM range)
  • super accurate timing through a customized audio engine
  • Coming soon for Android!
Develop your inner sense of time, meter and groove with Time Guru. Developed by rhythm guitarist Avi Bortnick (John Scofield Band), Time Guru is the only metronome with the ability to mute its sound at random, in patterns, or both, so that you can assess whether you tend to rush or drag. Time Guru periodically leaves you on your own so that you strengthen your own internal sense of time, rather than relying on the constant, rigid, external time keeping of a metronome. Sometimes the training wheels should come off! It is the ultimate tool for becoming a rock-steady, time guru.

September 10, 2011

Godin MultiOud Nylon im Test auf

This is such a wonderful instrument. The sound is so peaceful and full of soul. Would be great to use in a band.

September 9, 2011

Bryan Baker in De Singel, Zwolle,Holland

This was the first piece they played during the first concert in Holland.
I recorded it with a ZOOM Q3 HD but the lighting was very bad. The three of them had never played before but played their hearts out. Intense playing!