February 28, 2012

Robben Ford statusupdate FEB 28

Van Robben Ford Music

I'm here in Tokyo playing with a fantastic Miles Davis tribute band--Omar Hakim on drums, Darryl Jones from the Stones on bass, Wallace Roney on trumpet and Joey DeFrancesco on B3 organ. Great band and looks like it might have legs for Europe and even the US. We're shooting live TV here on March 1st so YouTube here we come!

Developing my new pedalboard with Vertex Effects Systems and it's coming along nicely. Mason Mangella really knows his stuff! We'll put a picture up when I get back from Japan.

I'll be recording for my own new project for Mascot Records in April. Hope you like the blues! The band will be a different kind of group than usual for me. Looking forward to making some new music. I'll keep you posted.


February 27, 2012

Robben Ford new Pedalboard feb 2012

Robben has now moved more into using more pedals than in past and wanted to expand his rig, 

as well add more functionality in a package similarly sized to what he was previously using.

Here’s a picture of Robben’s original pedalboard (22" x 16”):

For the new pedalboard (25" x 17"), I integrated an amp channel switcher for Robben’s Dumble, 

so he would no longer have to use a footswitch off of the pedalboard to change channels on his amplifier
and could save valuable space on stage.

I also introduced Robben to a few new pedals, cables, and interfacing ideas as did Michael Landau:

- Lovepedal COT 50 Lil’ China
- Tanabe Dumkudo
- Vertex Boost Prototype
- Vertex Axis Modified Wah
- Vertex Modified Volume Pedal
- Vertex Modified DL-4 Delay
- Vertex “Michael Landau” Modified Arion Chrous
- Vertex Prototype Instrument Cables


Passive Input (no buffer), Stereo Outputs (left and right) with Vertex Dual Output Buffers tweaked 

to Robben’s taste, isolation transformer on left output to prevent any grounding when using two 
amplifiers together, and a polarity switch to optimize sonic performance when using two amplifiers 
in a stereo set up.

There is also an additional 5-pin DIN to 5-pin XLR junction in the center of the interface to allow 

Robben’s Dumble to be switched from the pedalboard. The pedalboard side is all 5-pin DIN at both 
the switcher and interface, on the outboard side the interface is all 5-pin XLR so that any 5-pin XLR.
The interface is wired to accept any 5-pin DIN or XLR and the configuration for the Dumble switching
is all done inside of the interface so any “off the shelf” cable could be used in an emergency with the 
same orientation.


Guitar Laboratory PB-1


Interface (passive), Korg Pitchblack Tuner, Lovepedal COT 50 Lil’ China, Tanabe Dumkudo, Vertex Boost 

(Prototype), Vox Wah (Vertex Axis Mod), Vertex Volume Pedal (modified Boss FV-500), Vertex “Michael Landau”
Modified Arion Chorus (stereo), Vertex modified Line 6 DL-4 (stereo), T.C. Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb 
(stereo), T.C. Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb (stereo), Interface (Stereo Outputs with Vertex Dual Output 
Buffers, ISO transformer on left output, and a polarity switch).

*Vertex Amplifier Channel Switch is for Dumble Overdrive Special and is connected through the interface which

 has a 5-pin DIN to XLR pass-through).

*Wah is powered off of batteries as requested by Robben.

* Robben is now using Vertex Prototype Instrument Cables going in and out of the pedalboard 

(see pictures below).

* XLR Cable is wired with Belden 9540 with two leads connected to each pin to maximum durability 

(if one lead becomes detached or fails the cable will still function flawlessly - see pictures below).

MORE INFO: http://www.vertexeffects.com/blog/vertex_robben_ford_pedalboard

February 22, 2012

Stones meet Herbie Hancock

Enjoying the looper function on the Axefx II.
Miss you Cantaloupe. Part Miss you and a quote from Cataloupe Island by the one and only Herbie Hancock, bit of Scofield in there too. I used the Hermida Zendrive in front of the Axefx.

Miles Davis & Robben Ford video - Pescara Italy 1986_Wrinkle

Rare video of Miles Davis Group with Robben Ford
at Jazz Festival in Pescara Italy on July 27, 1986
video is from a partial TV broadcast synced to a good audio

song title : Wrinkle

Miles Davis, Bob Berg, Robben Ford, Robert Irving III,
Adam Holzman (syntheiser), Felton Crews (bass),
Vincent Wilburn, Jr. (drums), Steve Thornton (perc)

February 20, 2012

Scott Henderson or David Torn?

So who was first to play like this? Scott Henderson or David Torn. I was looking into looper videos. You know, like the Boomerang, Boss pedals. They are everywhere now. Bill Frisell, John Scofield and Oz Noy use them. In Eventide products and of course Fractal audio. David is a pioneer in the field of loopers and guitar sound processing in general.

Mateus Starling Jazz fusion from Brasil

Mateus Starling Quartet: Free Fusion
When one thinks of Brazilian guitar, the soft sounds of a classical guitar playing Bossa Nova or Samba usually comes to mind. But, there is a new generation of Brazilian guitarists that are stepping beyond expectations, branching out to the modern Jazz-Rock-Funk Fusion genre and taking Brazilian guitar into new and exciting directions.
One of the Young Lions leading the way on the Brazilian scene is Mateus Starling. The Rio-based guitarist’s recently released album Free Fusion is a tour-de-force of modern fusion-guitar playing. Complete with hard-driving grooves, engaging guitar solos and memorable melodies, the album is sure to turn heads in the Jazz-Fusion world and expand Starling’s audience beyond his native Brazil.
The tunes on the record are a mixture of what one would expect in a Jazz-Fusion record. There are odd-time signature, “777,” harder, rockin’ tracks, “A Cruz,” and slower, funkier tunes such as “Maracafree.” No matter what the musical situation, Starling brings a strong level of creativity to his writing and arranging.
The tracks can all be labeled as Jazz Fusion, yet they each have their own unique voice, separate chapters in the overall musical story of the album. By keeping things interesting, the guitarist is reaching out to the Jazz Fusion audience, while at the same time taking chances in order to plant his personal stamp on the genre. Something that is difficult to do, especially for someone as young as Starling, but the guitarists succeeds in this way on all fronts.
As a guitarist, Starling is an exciting player that isn’t afraid to take risks, yet maintains a high-level of technical accuracy no matter how far or in what direction he pushes himself. Preferring a distorted tone, in a somewhat Scofield-esque fashion, his timbre allows each note to cut through the bass and drums in the background, bringing his guitar to the forefront of the band without being too over the top. Though he has the technical facility to shred up the neck, his brightest moments come when he lays back, focusing on rhythm, melody and textures to create his ideas, going beyond what one might expect from a modern fusion-guitar record.
The track “Triades Mutantes” (Mutant Triads) is a great example of this approach. After bringing the band down to a slow groove to begin his solo, the guitarist uses short melodic phrases to build the band back up again, never digging into his technical chops too much. Instead, he uses timbre and rhythmic motives to build interest. The result is one of the most memorable solos on the record.
Free Fusion is a solid release by the young guitarist, one that is sure to bring much deserved wider attention Starling’s playing and writing. As the last century of Brazilian guitar was defined by Bossa and Samba, with records like this, the new century might be moving in a different direction, a musical movement led by talented young performers such as Mateus Starling. by: Matthew Warnock

February 14, 2012

rare Miles Davis 1982 London with Mike Stern !

Mike playing a Strat with the Man: Miles Davis.

Seasons: Live at the Metropolitan Museum of Art [Official Trailer]

On April 10, 2011, four extraordinary guitarists premiered a new composition by Anthony Wilson. Commissioned by master guitar maker John Monteleone, the piece showcases his quartet of instruments called The Four Seasons. 

The featured guitarists are legends-in-the-making Anthony Wilson, Julian Lage, Steve Cardenas, and Chico Pinheiro, who captured the rapt attention of a standing-room-only audience with their collective energy, virtuosity and musical rapport. 

The concert consisted of Anthony Wilson's four-part suite "Seasons: A Song Cycle For Guitar Quartet," solo pieces by each guitarist, and a version of Joni Mitchell's classic "The Circle Game," again arranged for the quartet by Anthony Wilson. The deluxe two disc package features an audio CD of the entire April 10 concert, as well as a DVD containing a 50-minute documentary film and a photographic slideshow tracking the history of this exciting collaborative project from inception to premiere. ****A major musical event**** AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE NOVEMBER 15, 2011. More information can be found at anthonywilsonmusic.com/​seasons

February 13, 2012

Imagine Lennon with Holdsworth sound

I quickly recorded this song to say thanks to Simeon on the Axefx forum for his gorgeous Allan Holdsworth sounds. Nothing more, nothing less. Nerdy outfit!

February 11, 2012

Tribal Tech X release news!!!!


March 27 2012

2012 release. After numerous delays, the new studio Tribal Tech CD is here!! Yes it has been 12 years since the release of “Rocket Science” and “X” signifies the 10th release by this amazing fusion quartet. Scott Henderson, guitar; Gary Willis, bass; Scott Kinsey, keyboards & Kirk Covington, drums. Track listing: "Mech X", "Got Faith 'N Phat", "Time Lapse", "Anthem", "Palm Moon Plaza", "Gravity", "Working Blue", "Ask Me A question", "Let's Get Swung", & "Corn Butter". One of the most anticipated releases of 2012 for sure!