March 31, 2012

Robben Ford & Miles Davis' Alumni Super Session / Blues MD

Robben Ford, Joey DeFrancesco, Omar Hakim,
Darryl Jones, Wallace Roney
~Miles Davis' Alumni Super Session~

This is a version of MD blues from the album Decoy by the late great Miles Davis,

Robben Ford & Miles Davis' Alumni Super Session / Splatch

Robben Ford, Joey DeFrancesco, Omar Hakim,

Darryl Jones, Wallace Roney
~Miles Davis' Alumni Super Session~

Tommy Emmanuel - Close To You (tabs)

Arno has produced a great transcription of Close to you exactly as played by the great Tommy Emmanuel.  Enjoy!

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Have a nice day, JB

March 30, 2012

Pedal with Triple X-mod

I think this pedal could do with just a few more knobs. Viagra anyone?
I think I've seen a clip somewhere but couldn't find it on YT. Sounded like Sh#t.

TIM MILLER lessons

Recently I posted an item on a new book called Creative Chordal Harmony which Tim wrote together with Mick Goodrick.  The great Tim Miller also has a complete new website for you with lessons for you. HD quality and audio. It also features backstage footage and gear news. The preview looks cool.

Check Tim's site. He has 2 albums out. Highly recommended.

March 29, 2012

Mike Miller Quintet - Mambo Jambo

Mike Miller Quintet - Mambo Jambo - Recorded Live At The Baked Potato 12-26-2008. From the album "World Goes Round".

Mike Miller - Guitar
Jimmy Johnson - Bass
Chad Wackerman - Drums
Walt Fowler - Trumpet
Albert Wing - Tenor Sax

This is such a great album. You can hear Mike play layers of guitar. I know Mike loves to play around/ work and compose with looper pedals. You can really hear him putting layer upon layer. Horns doubling the most gorgeous chords and lines. Mike is the best craftsman on guitar!!. More on Mike and looper pedals in a future article.

Mike Miller (The Sky Lights Up)

Mike Miller is a guitarist whose playing and writing communicates a stunning musical universe. While much is made of individuality and originality among musicians, Miller seems beyond those qualities: he is unlikely in the way he defies description. Consider that Miller has worked with jazz pianist Chick Corea, diva/comedienne Bette Midler, pop craftsmen Gino Vanelli and Burton Cummings, the Los Angeles Philharmonic New Music Group, Wall of Voodoo's Stan Ridgeway, film composer and former Devo front man Mark Mothersbaugh, the Frank Zappa Banned from Utopia alumni band, and many others. This is a range of experience that challenges the imagination -- edgy spontaneity in Corea's electric jazz, slapstick "comedy guitar" with Bette Midler, and complex orchestration in the writing of Marc Anthony Turnage and Frank Zappa.
Then listen to his first solo CD, Save the Moon, which features Jimmy Johnson, Tom Brechtlein, Mitchel Forman, Peter Erskine, and Ralph Humphrey. The music on this CD reflects Miller's commitment to develop his own voice, which juggles a rich and wonderful contradiction of qualities: the raw excitement of the electric guitar with a technique that pushes the boundaries of the instrument, and a broad vocabulary with a mischievous sense of humor -- he might play a part a pianist would work out with two hands, or grace the end of a bebop phrase with a Chuck Berry lick and dip of the tremolo bar. Miller is a riveting improviser who can draw you to the edge of your seat as you follow one musical idea developing into another or bending through a series of unexpected twists and turns... and the results are complex, yet melodic and accessible. A simple path lies beneath the surface of all this activity, revealing a guitarist engaged in a playful search for constant musical growth.

March 28, 2012

Guitar made from SKATEBOARDS!

HUF x Haroshi x DLX Collaboration - HUF partners up with Tokyo-based artist Haroshi and Bay Area skateboard distributor DLX on a limited edition collaboration. Shot at artist Haroshi's studio in Tokyo by Shinto God, cut by Martin Reigel. Available January 2012.

Mike Miller & Chick Corea (quote & clip) Yeah!

'Chick was one of the first guys I got turned-on to, and excited about, in jazz. Chick was right there: [Miles Davis'] Bitches Brew was the record that killed me. It was really exciting for me to play with him in an extended situation... trading fours and here comes that guy walking towards me with his keyboard strapped on and playing this scary stuff, and you're next -- it was a great kick in the ass. The guy is so strong. One of my favorite parts of that gig was listening to his intros., which would be completely, wildly, different each night: an unbelievably beautiful lyrical thing, then an angular 'Bartokian' mathematical thing. I asked him where these ideas were coming from, and he said: 'Sometimes I just like to put my hands down on the piano without looking and go from there,' I just rolled my eyes. 'Wow. I wouldn't try that with my brain.' 
Mike Miller

March 26, 2012

(Sting) Fields of Gold - Sungha Jung incl tabs

My dear friend Arno Mittring has made dozens of wonderful and very accurate transcriptions of dozens of pieces by Tommy Emmanuel, Jerry Reed and many many others. He was a bit hesitant at first when I asked him to share some of his work. He gave me this piece. Hope you can appreciate it.

Mike Stern plays with Les Paul's Trio- Mr PC

Mike Stern barely needs an introduction. Well known from his period with Miles Davis who called him Fat Time. I think it was Miles who asked him to get an amp for every string! Miles was very into Jimi Hendrix at the time. Mike could play rock but also knew how to play jazz. I have a clip from early Mike Stern on this blog with Miles.

Mike loves to play over minor blues changes. He has recorded them on many occasions. Some of the songs on his solo albums have a very complex head but when it's time to solo the band plays a minor blues.  Here he plays Mr. PC by John Coltrane in C-minor.

Chuck D'Aloia CD's (+ free downloads)

Another item on Chuck? Yes sure, why not.  He's not just a pretty face in front of a webcam.  
Chuck a great live performer  a n d  he made some great cd's too. 
The two cd's I have here are a clear example of his compositional and playing skill. Together with drummer Art Bernstein he put down some hip shit! 

Don't just take my word for it, read other review too:

Get this CD!
author: Steve Parker
I've heard Chuck before and he's unforgettable. His distortion playing is stupendous,his clean playing is marvelous,his writing is clever and just plain good. Art's playing is very refreshing, engaging,and satisfying,sensitive yet strong. They compliment each other well. And the production is excellent.I really needed to hear some good new music and I'm so glad I got this.
Great Tones and Groove
author: Richard Gee
Great sounding guitar tones and smooth feel with great grooves! Loved the playing from Chuck and Art. Looking forward to more in the future.
'Guitarist Chuck D'Aloia and drummer Art Bernstein have a new record out titled Circle 7.  The record is filled with great tunes and grooves, Chuck is an amazing player who should be a household name. When he picks up a guitar he makes it speak in an effortless manner that only is gained from years of experience and loads of talent, he is equally at home ripping it up over complex jazz harmony as he is playing stinging blues or funky grooves all with a tone to die for.
 Art 's drumming serves as a perfect foil for Chuck and the tunes, both of these guys are monster players, but what sets it apart for me is the great compositions and the ability they have to convey them without wasting a note, they impress the listener with their musicality first and foremost, don't get me wrong there is plenty of burning playing on the disc, it is just never forced or used for effect and it all adds up to great music and a wonderful listen.'

Chris Taylor

Convince yourself:
Can't get enough?

March 25, 2012

üBer-hip SouNds fOr mOdERn Guitar

'Starting to put all this stuff together'  Here you learn how to combine the minor scales with other scales such as the altered scale or half/whole tone scale and make it sound natural. Chuck knows how to teach all of these über-HIP sounds without making it too complicated.

If you have already seen the series of lessons called "Blues with brains" you know exactly what I'm talking about. All the samples are beautifully played and the explanation is clear. Take the basic blues scale and tweak a few notes and there you have it. Of course you still have to watch, listen and practice yourself, but with over 2 hours of film you're bound to move your sound towards D'Aloialand!

Super new Jazz/blues fusion lessons by Chuck D'Aloia

Chuck D'Aloia has developed a new series of 16 video lesson downloads.

  • Roughly 2 hours of material that feature pentatonic, diatonic and advanced approaches to the 3 flavors of chords that we probably spend the most time with.  Major, Min7 and Dom7.
  • There are also lessons on non traditional triad voicings, diatonic triad voicings, diatonic major and melodic minor chord/scale voicings that are also a method on how to approach chords and harmony.  
  • Some ideas and exercises designed to work on your  technique and a couple of short lessons on what I call "mult-tasking" voicings.  Info on inside-outside playing, 1/2-1 dim scale approaches, phrasing ideas and a lesson on the altered scale that includes a few easy pentatonic approaches to it.
  • These lessons are designed to expand your vocabulary, work on fundamentals and increase your knowledge of harmony both in your comping and in your soloing.  
  • Docs with TAB and standard notation are included.  

$75.00 Paypal to

You can buy the whole series here!

March 24, 2012

Poker Face - Lady Gaga (Tabs and Chords)

Serious request by my pupils. Pokerface by Lady Gaga on guitar. Luckily this acoustic version came out. There are several guitars playing in the background. I wrote out 1 steady part you can play on your own, Sweep picking pattern.

Josh Smith Hot licks

Hi there,
I started transcribing licks from the cd Inception by Josh Smith. This is page 1.  As you can see I notated the exact time the lick is played on the cd. More to come.
I chose these licks because they jumped right at me. It was Hal Galper ( pianist, jazz educator) who said that you should do what speaks to you. That's your style.

March 23, 2012

The new Tribal TECH X is available now

You can buy it in iTunes

By the way, recognize the third guy from the right?

FIRST impression:
A best of but with all new material!
Very melodic.  Great tunes played like they've been on the road with this material for some time.

1. Mech X- Hard driving groove: dark mood; glorious TT theme
2. Got faith "N Phat: Funky willis groove like Nite club,  trumpet section by Kinsey
3. Time Lapse: Swing, TT way! Great duo Kirk & Scott
4. Anthem. Beautiful bass melody, warm chords, Scott tears it up,
5. Palm moon Plaza. Jeff Beck feel, lots of space, Kinsey/zawinul solo
6. Gravity. Groovin'
7. Working Blue. Medium tempo, great chordal work scott, double tempo solos
8. Ask me a question, ambient sounds, sitar like guitar, oriental flavors
9. Let's get swung. Willis on upright? Sounds definitely 21st century swing, great ending!
10. Corn Butter. Hip beat, funk, funny samples,

CD Samples here!

Larry Carlton Free (legal) download

A Limited-Time Deal â†“
Free Larry Carlton Download!
Larry CarltonLarry Carlton and 335 Records are proud to announce a limited-time offer for a free track download off of The Sound of Philadelphiaalbum. All you have to do is visit Larry's Facebook page and enter in your email, and the track is all yours! It's really simple and takes just a minute. You can preview the track before downloading. Go now!

» Get the free download now!

Robben Ford Cuts Loose on Jean Pierre with Miles Davis Montreux 86

Wow. The master!

George Cole, author of The Last Miles: The Music of Miles Davis, 1980-1991, considers this a standout track from Davis' last decade (he died in 1991). Writes Cole: "'Jean-Pierre' has a child-like melody and became Miles's signature tune. The funny thing is, no one agrees on the origin of the tune! Whatever, it was a tune Miles would close almost every show with for years." (For more on Miles Davis,read our interview with George Cole.)

MILES DAVIS: Al can't play with drum machine. He's playing on the first cut [One Phone Call] and he's playin' on "Time After Time"; we had drum machine on that too. And he's playin' on "Jean Pierre" at the end. You got to hear the end, Gene. What we did on the end is we made something like a little statement. Somebody, my daughter or my wife, gave me a music box for Christmas. It plays "My Funny Valentine" on celeste, you know? So I had Bobby just play "Jean Pierre" with the changes on celeste. You hear three bells while I'm playin'. We play the "You're Under Arrest" tune at the end [next to last tune on the second side]. It goes right into "Jean Pierre." You hear da-da¦da-da¦dom¦dom¦dom. I had the band overlap what they just got through playin' over "Jean Pierre." It's actually two tunes. All of a sudden you hear chimes. You also hear the kids gettin' out of school at 3 o'clock. You follow me? Then you hear a countdown, "Five, four, three" - "Jean Pierre" is goin' on - "two, one." Then you hear a big atomic-bomb explosion, and all the kids are screamin'. Then at the end we say, "Somebody pushed the wrong button!" George [Butler, Columbia Records vice president] told me you can't listen to that but once. It's like a political statement. It might happen!
JAZZ: And "Jean Pierre" is a tune that's obviously very important to you. [One of Davis' sons is named Jean Pierre.]
MILES DAVIS: You know, it's for kids. The melody is French. But that's the end of the record. I named it "Jean Pierre Then There Were None," you know, because of the big explosion. You'll like it. It's a nice album.
JAZZ: And that's the end of the record. It leaves you thinking.
MILES DAVIS: Yeah. It's just as strong to me as "We Are The World."

March 22, 2012

Chris Taylor Nocturnal cool videoclip!!

Yesterday Chris sent me this cool videoclip he made for his brilliant CD Nocturnal.

Seemingly from out of nowhere, New York-based guitarist-composer Chris Taylor has emerged after nearly 30 years on the scene with a brilliant, fully-realized first album as a leader. And though it's been a long time in coming, Nocturnal may be the most auspicious debut of the year.

Reflecting the influences of such potent bands and composers as Weather Report, Pat Metheny, Tribal Tech and the Zawinul Syndicate, as well as such guitaristic icons as John Scofield, Bill Frisell and Allan Holdsworth. Taylor's compelling album also stakes out strikingly original territory. From cinematic offerings like "Voices in my Head," the atmospheric "All of Us" and the dreamy soundscape "Recluse" to super-charged jams like "Ear to the Rail," "Know What I'm Saying," "Odd Hours" and the anthemic "Here to There," Nocturnal resonates with audacious energy and ideas. Taylor is ably supported on his maiden voyage by a stellar crew featuring drummers Gary Novak, Dave Weckl, Joel Rosenblatt and Kirk Covington, keyboardists George Whitty and Scott Kinsey, bassists Ric Fierabracci and Gary Haase, and saxophonist Steve Tavaglione.
It was back in 1981 that Taylor left the Berklee College of Music after three semesters to begin his professional career, and he's been gigging ever since. "Basically, I ran out of money," says Taylor of his brief stint at Berklee. "The plan was to go gig for a while, make some money and then go back to Berklee. I ended up gigging for 20 years or so and never got back to school. And since then I've done every gig imaginable, some of which were great experiences and some I 'd sooner forget, but you always learn something in every situation"

Over the years, Taylor has played on innumerable sessions as a sideman and even contributed his own compositions on some recordings. But he had never taken the time to put his own album together, until now. "I never thought of myself as a leader," says Taylor, "but I've been writing music since I was young in one way or another, composing is something that comes more natural to me in some ways than playing guitar I think. The last 10 years or so I have been trying to work more as a composer as well as in production , contributing tracks to TV shows, commercials, film and other musicians records along with doing quite a bit of mixing and remixing. I am a big fan of some of the newer electronica musicians out there like Prefuse 73, Squarepusher and Venetian Squares and that influence has definitely shown up in my music."
The composer acknowledges the track "Ear to the Rail" to such fusion juggernauts as Weather Report, The Zawinul Syndicate and Tribal Tech "All of those bands pushed the envelope compositionally and that had a big impact on my writing, particularly with Zawinul and Shorter and their use of through composing and global influences. Those groups always had their ear to the rail in regards to new sounds and directions. The title also refers to the impact these bands had in live performances, they just came on like a freight train, immensely powerful, they really pulled you into their music with that energy."

While tipping his hat to those influences on the track " Ear to the Rail," Taylor turns in some more personal statements on the stirring title track (imbued with his evocative slide guitar work), the evocative "Green Divided by Blue" (named for the composer's fascination with the Abstract Impressionist painter Mark Rothko) and the provocative "Bela" (which incorporates some samples from a Bela Lugosi film) "I try to tell the story through sound," he says of those vivid pieces.
A triumph from start to finish, Nocturnal is an impressive introduction to this new 50-year-old face on the creative instrumental music scene. - Bill Milkowski

Herman Brood - Rock 'n Roll Junkie ( chords TABS)

Blast from the past! For all the fans! Still have to do the solo when I find the time.


For the lyrics click HERE

March 21, 2012

Chris Taylor super legato lesson

Last year I bought the cd Nocturnal by Chris Taylor and have a fan ever since. Find out more about the CD by clicking HERE!

A legato exercise based on a pattern from the symmetrical diminished scale. The key is accenting it correctly (which you can hear me not quite getting when I try to play it extra charge for mistakes ;) )
Notation and Tab  made available by Chris. 

Hey Jan,

Here is the PDF fro the lesson. Hope this works for you.
also the video link,



Merel van Hoek (17 !) Floating on Feathers.

  "Her passion and beautiful spirit will captivate you with her angelic melodies" 
 Gareth Pearson

Merel van Hoek was born in April 1994. She started playing the guitar at the age of thirteen.
One year later she started playing fingerstyle guitar and immediately fell in love with this genre after hearing 'Blue Moon' arranged by Tommy Emmanuel. Since then, Merel has been teaching herself, driven by her feeling and imagination with the fingerstyle guitar music. Her biggest passion is composing her own music. Her compositions are influenced by guitarists such as Andy McKee, Craig d'Andrea and Pierre Bensusan. ''A passion for melody, that is what attracts me in fingerstyle compositions. I'm also trying to achieve an unique voice on my guitar.'' 

Merel plays a Greenfield G4.

"You don't write like anyone else, you have your own sound" 
 Tommy Emmanuel

At this moment Michael Lagundo is building a 15" F-Style guitar for Merel made of  Swiss Spruce/Cocobolo with Florentine Cutaway, Koa binding, Fan Frets, Soundport.
You can find more info on the construction process  here!

Merel released her first EP called 'Pieces of Nature' and is currently working on her first album.

You can find Merel on Facebook and Youtube.

Blue Field: taking my blues outside

Here is me inspired by Robben, Sco, Chuck D'Aloia, Chris Taylor, Scott Lerner , Allen Hinds, Andy Most, David Henderson, Scott Henderson, Josh Smith etc, etc,

March 20, 2012

Bryan Baker trio ripping it up!

My good friend Bob van Luijt is, besides being a tremendous bass player, also a hell of an organizer.
Last year he organized this tour with Bryan Baker and Sebastiaan Cornelissen. This year he had a tour with trumpeter Cuong Vu ( Pat Metheny) and drummer Yonga Sun.

The shows with Bryan were in Holland and England. In the clip they play Appa, a composition by Bob van Luijt. ( Yes he does that too). I asked Bob for the lead sheet to share with all of you.

Allen Hinds. Style master!

I got to know Allen by watching these videos by XOTIC pedals. Been a fan ever since. Of Allen and all the Xotic pedals. Allen describes his own technique as a cross between Frank Gambale and Allan Holdsworth.  He hits a note and the rest of the notes are then played legato. You can see this in the following clip.

His sound is very warm. Partly because he plays with his fingers a lot. Playing with the flesh gives a warmer sound. Robben Ford, Allan Holdsworth, John Scofield, everybody I like uses his right hand fingers to a degree. Allen's amp setting and choice of pedals surely help.  The pedals by Xotic are very warm and natural. Very amp like. I have several and particularly like the AC-booster and the EP-booster. As you see in the clip they sound great. If anybody has a problem with their sound feeling thin and lifeless in recommend the EP-booster. It warms up the sound and makes it sound bigger. Even with great amps like the Fuchs. I have tried it with the Fractal audio AXE fx II and it instantly breathes (more) live into every preset.

'Allen has been recently writing for several cable tv shows including, “Pawn stars” one big happy family, and “build it bigger” and has just finished his third C.D. “Falling Up” featuring Jimmy Johnson, Jeff Babko, Dave Hooper, Melvin Davis and others…  He is currently working on a new CD
Using a variety of guitars and amps, his main gear is an Xotic electric ( a ‘59 “historic” Gibson Les Paul , a 1961 Gibson Les Paul Jr equipped with two Tom Holmes pickups (mostly used for slide), a “67 Telecaster, a “61 Les Paul Special and an Ibanez AM-255 a 1932 Dobro. Amplifiers of preference have lately been vintage blackface Fender Deluxe Reverbs,Roy Blankenship amps , Brad Jackson and Bogner amps …….and lot’s of pedals!
Allen’s endorsements include Ernie Ball, Brian Moore guitars, Line 6, Bogner, Bugera, B-Band, Xotic pedals, Xotic effects, and Curt Mangan strings'

On Allen's website you can find out more about him. He's also done a whole bunch of instructional videos which I can highly recommend.  I bought them here:

March 19, 2012

Marzio Scholten: Extraordinary young talent.

“... one of the scene's most impressive additions... Scholten's influences are clear but he manages, where so many others fail, to sound like himself... a guitarist already delivering on significant promise, and with even greater portent on the road ahead... “ (John Kelman - All About Jazz)

Special preview!
Marzio was kind enough to send me the sheet music of the first track from his upcoming CD: 
 'Voids, Echoes And Whispers' (release May 2012). Composed by M. Scholten.

Marzio Scholten (guitar)
Yaniv Nachum (tenor sax)
Randal Corsen (piano)
Stefan Lievestro (bass)
Mark Schilders (drums)
Recorded on August 14th and 15th, 2011, at Fattoria Musica Recording Studios in Osnabruck, Germany.
Order this wonderful CD from Marzio's website!

Produced by Marzio Scholten.
Recorded by Stephan van Wylick.
Mixed by Chris Weeda.
Mastered by Zlaya Hadzic.
Released by: Marzio Scholten 
Release date: May 10, 2012
ISRC: NL-SR2-11-00001