March 20, 2012

Allen Hinds. Style master!

I got to know Allen by watching these videos by XOTIC pedals. Been a fan ever since. Of Allen and all the Xotic pedals. Allen describes his own technique as a cross between Frank Gambale and Allan Holdsworth.  He hits a note and the rest of the notes are then played legato. You can see this in the following clip.

His sound is very warm. Partly because he plays with his fingers a lot. Playing with the flesh gives a warmer sound. Robben Ford, Allan Holdsworth, John Scofield, everybody I like uses his right hand fingers to a degree. Allen's amp setting and choice of pedals surely help.  The pedals by Xotic are very warm and natural. Very amp like. I have several and particularly like the AC-booster and the EP-booster. As you see in the clip they sound great. If anybody has a problem with their sound feeling thin and lifeless in recommend the EP-booster. It warms up the sound and makes it sound bigger. Even with great amps like the Fuchs. I have tried it with the Fractal audio AXE fx II and it instantly breathes (more) live into every preset.

'Allen has been recently writing for several cable tv shows including, “Pawn stars” one big happy family, and “build it bigger” and has just finished his third C.D. “Falling Up” featuring Jimmy Johnson, Jeff Babko, Dave Hooper, Melvin Davis and others…  He is currently working on a new CD
Using a variety of guitars and amps, his main gear is an Xotic electric ( a ‘59 “historic” Gibson Les Paul , a 1961 Gibson Les Paul Jr equipped with two Tom Holmes pickups (mostly used for slide), a “67 Telecaster, a “61 Les Paul Special and an Ibanez AM-255 a 1932 Dobro. Amplifiers of preference have lately been vintage blackface Fender Deluxe Reverbs,Roy Blankenship amps , Brad Jackson and Bogner amps …….and lot’s of pedals!
Allen’s endorsements include Ernie Ball, Brian Moore guitars, Line 6, Bogner, Bugera, B-Band, Xotic pedals, Xotic effects, and Curt Mangan strings'

On Allen's website you can find out more about him. He's also done a whole bunch of instructional videos which I can highly recommend.  I bought them here:

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