March 26, 2012

Chuck D'Aloia CD's (+ free downloads)

Another item on Chuck? Yes sure, why not.  He's not just a pretty face in front of a webcam.  
Chuck a great live performer  a n d  he made some great cd's too. 
The two cd's I have here are a clear example of his compositional and playing skill. Together with drummer Art Bernstein he put down some hip shit! 

Don't just take my word for it, read other review too:

Get this CD!
author: Steve Parker
I've heard Chuck before and he's unforgettable. His distortion playing is stupendous,his clean playing is marvelous,his writing is clever and just plain good. Art's playing is very refreshing, engaging,and satisfying,sensitive yet strong. They compliment each other well. And the production is excellent.I really needed to hear some good new music and I'm so glad I got this.
Great Tones and Groove
author: Richard Gee
Great sounding guitar tones and smooth feel with great grooves! Loved the playing from Chuck and Art. Looking forward to more in the future.
'Guitarist Chuck D'Aloia and drummer Art Bernstein have a new record out titled Circle 7.  The record is filled with great tunes and grooves, Chuck is an amazing player who should be a household name. When he picks up a guitar he makes it speak in an effortless manner that only is gained from years of experience and loads of talent, he is equally at home ripping it up over complex jazz harmony as he is playing stinging blues or funky grooves all with a tone to die for.
 Art 's drumming serves as a perfect foil for Chuck and the tunes, both of these guys are monster players, but what sets it apart for me is the great compositions and the ability they have to convey them without wasting a note, they impress the listener with their musicality first and foremost, don't get me wrong there is plenty of burning playing on the disc, it is just never forced or used for effect and it all adds up to great music and a wonderful listen.'

Chris Taylor

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