March 25, 2012

Super new Jazz/blues fusion lessons by Chuck D'Aloia

Chuck D'Aloia has developed a new series of 16 video lesson downloads.

  • Roughly 2 hours of material that feature pentatonic, diatonic and advanced approaches to the 3 flavors of chords that we probably spend the most time with.  Major, Min7 and Dom7.
  • There are also lessons on non traditional triad voicings, diatonic triad voicings, diatonic major and melodic minor chord/scale voicings that are also a method on how to approach chords and harmony.  
  • Some ideas and exercises designed to work on your  technique and a couple of short lessons on what I call "mult-tasking" voicings.  Info on inside-outside playing, 1/2-1 dim scale approaches, phrasing ideas and a lesson on the altered scale that includes a few easy pentatonic approaches to it.
  • These lessons are designed to expand your vocabulary, work on fundamentals and increase your knowledge of harmony both in your comping and in your soloing.  
  • Docs with TAB and standard notation are included.  

$75.00 Paypal to

You can buy the whole series here!

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