March 21, 2012

Merel van Hoek (17 !) Floating on Feathers.

  "Her passion and beautiful spirit will captivate you with her angelic melodies" 
 Gareth Pearson

Merel van Hoek was born in April 1994. She started playing the guitar at the age of thirteen.
One year later she started playing fingerstyle guitar and immediately fell in love with this genre after hearing 'Blue Moon' arranged by Tommy Emmanuel. Since then, Merel has been teaching herself, driven by her feeling and imagination with the fingerstyle guitar music. Her biggest passion is composing her own music. Her compositions are influenced by guitarists such as Andy McKee, Craig d'Andrea and Pierre Bensusan. ''A passion for melody, that is what attracts me in fingerstyle compositions. I'm also trying to achieve an unique voice on my guitar.'' 

Merel plays a Greenfield G4.

"You don't write like anyone else, you have your own sound" 
 Tommy Emmanuel

At this moment Michael Lagundo is building a 15" F-Style guitar for Merel made of  Swiss Spruce/Cocobolo with Florentine Cutaway, Koa binding, Fan Frets, Soundport.
You can find more info on the construction process  here!

Merel released her first EP called 'Pieces of Nature' and is currently working on her first album.

You can find Merel on Facebook and Youtube.

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