March 28, 2012

Mike Miller & Chick Corea (quote & clip) Yeah!

'Chick was one of the first guys I got turned-on to, and excited about, in jazz. Chick was right there: [Miles Davis'] Bitches Brew was the record that killed me. It was really exciting for me to play with him in an extended situation... trading fours and here comes that guy walking towards me with his keyboard strapped on and playing this scary stuff, and you're next -- it was a great kick in the ass. The guy is so strong. One of my favorite parts of that gig was listening to his intros., which would be completely, wildly, different each night: an unbelievably beautiful lyrical thing, then an angular 'Bartokian' mathematical thing. I asked him where these ideas were coming from, and he said: 'Sometimes I just like to put my hands down on the piano without looking and go from there,' I just rolled my eyes. 'Wow. I wouldn't try that with my brain.' 
Mike Miller

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