March 23, 2012

The new Tribal TECH X is available now

You can buy it in iTunes

By the way, recognize the third guy from the right?

FIRST impression:
A best of but with all new material!
Very melodic.  Great tunes played like they've been on the road with this material for some time.

1. Mech X- Hard driving groove: dark mood; glorious TT theme
2. Got faith "N Phat: Funky willis groove like Nite club,  trumpet section by Kinsey
3. Time Lapse: Swing, TT way! Great duo Kirk & Scott
4. Anthem. Beautiful bass melody, warm chords, Scott tears it up,
5. Palm moon Plaza. Jeff Beck feel, lots of space, Kinsey/zawinul solo
6. Gravity. Groovin'
7. Working Blue. Medium tempo, great chordal work scott, double tempo solos
8. Ask me a question, ambient sounds, sitar like guitar, oriental flavors
9. Let's get swung. Willis on upright? Sounds definitely 21st century swing, great ending!
10. Corn Butter. Hip beat, funk, funny samples,

CD Samples here!


  1. I like this album a lot, it's better than i expected. It should arrive this week in my mail-box.

  2. Awesome; will be in the best of list of 2012. Kinsey/Covington/Willis/Scott groove.