April 2, 2012

The Aristocrats featuring virtuoso Guthrie Govan.

The Aristocrats Live clips from Club Soda Montreal 2011, Boutique tone, Diffusion Audio. Amazing musicians!!!
It was supposed to be just another typical NAMM show gig – some highly-touted musicians getting together to entertain the gear enthusiasts and industry folk who congregate in Anaheim, CA in mid-January every year. More improbably, the show at The Anaheim Bass Bash – featuring guitarist Guthrie Govan, bassist Bryan Beller, and drummer Marco Minnemann – wasn’t even supposed to contain Guthrie at all; he was a late replacement for long-time fusion guitar hero Greg Howe, who had something come up on short notice. It was a Guthrie fan who recommended Govan to Beller, who had literally never heard him play. A quick YouTube browsing session was all the convincing Beller and Minnemann needed to ask him onto the gig, and Greg Howe was kind enough to furnish Guthrie’s contact info. After some consideration, Guthrie said yes.

PG's Rebecca Dirks is On Location in Chicago, IL, where she catches up with The Aristocats' guitarist Guthrie Govan who walks us through his entire live rig on the band's US summer tour, which includes his Suhr signature guitar, Suhr amplifier and cab, and a 'pretty extensive' pedalboard with stompboxes from TC Electronic, Providence, Dunlop, and Ernie Ball

Guthrie pedal tray!!

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