May 31, 2012

Guitar Solo Artist Frank Gambale and the Carvin FG1 Factory Tour

Carvin worked very closely with Frank Gambale in the
development of the FG1. This guitar is a true Carved Top Semi-Hollow Double-Cutawayinstrument. The genuine Mahogany body is chambered and features a premium carved Curly-Flamed Maple top. The FG1 neck profile and heel are custom sculpted to Frank’s specifications which makes for very comfortable playability and total access to all 22 frets. Frank chose the C22B pickup for the bridge and worked with Carvin to develop the FG22N neck pickup. This exquisite instrument is extremely versatile and will handle all music styles from jazz to rock.

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The Frank Gambale Carvin FG1 guitar is available in a staggering variety of options direct from Carvin. Visit the FG1 page here

May 30, 2012

Scott Henderson & Chick Corea : Quotes.

Chick Corea Elektric Band live in Madrid, May 1986 - Elektric City

Chick Corea: keyboards
Dave Weckl: drums
John Patitucci: bass
Scott Henderson: guitar

'You were in the first incarnation of the Chick Corea Elektric Band too. How did that compare?
Chick is one of those "Play my notes and I’ll throw you a bone once in awhile" band leaders. That, to me, is the epitome of a classical jazz gig. He’s an amazing composer and really interacts well with soloists. He’s doing that a lot more with his new band. But when I was in the band, it was pretty much a more commercial version. I think I was playing in the band at the wrong time. What he was doing was more geared to smooth jazz, so it was a very structured gig.' (from Innerviews)

"I don't think Weckl and Patitucci were as wary of him as I was, since I definitely have no use for organized religion, and Scientology is #1 on my avoid at all cost list. John is a Christian, so I'm sure he had his own issues with Chick's beliefs, but while I was in the band he kept them to himself. After I was gone, I heard they were "arguing religions" which I find outrageously barbaric. Nothing more pathetic than people arguing about things they think they know, but in reality, don't. Dave and I never discussed religion with anyone while I was in the band, but my personal lifestyle with some of the female audience members was in direct violation of Scientology doctrine, so I had to hide it from them, an act I'm not at all proud of. Even though I still regard Chick as one of the most brilliant pianists in the world, very much enjoyed listening to him play every night, and shared some laughs and good times with him, to this day I regret taking that gig - it wasn't at all what I expected. I thought it would be musically challenging and good for my career, but at that time, Chick was into having a highly commercial band. His stage and performance concepts negatively affected my attitude and playing, and I found that being a sideman did nothing for my career compared to writing my own music. Plus I felt that I'd lost my integrity because I changed my behavior so as not to offend the people around me, and no gig is worth that. In hindsight, I wish when I was told to "play your solos out on the edge of the stage" like a strutting pop star, that I had said "What is this, Vegas? Go **** yourself". Then my six month gig as guitarist for the Elektric Band would have been reduced to one week.
After that experience I'd pretty much decided never to be a sideman again, but luckily I got the gig with Zawinul. Not only was the music great, but there were no cults or religious zealots, and there were WAY more hot chicks at the gigs. That was a good healing period for me after what I'd been through with the Flanders family." Scott H.

May 29, 2012

Richard Gere update

  • New York, Rockefeller Plaza
  • 11 October 2011

Christie’s is proud to present The Richard Gere Guitar Collection. This sale will offer a broad representation of vintage American guitars and amplifiers from the marquee names of C.F. Martin, Gibson, Fender, Marshall and Vox, as well as iconic guitars once belonging to Albert King and Peter Tosh.
As a leading Hollywood figure, Richard Gere is known for his dynamic roles and iconic characters, but he is also an accomplished musician. With a passion for American vintage guitars, Mr. Gere amassed a personal collection built upon their playability and craftsmanship.


Price Realized: $74,500

Sale Total including Buyer’s Premium: 936,437 (USD)

Apparently the money went to charity.

Rasgueado lesson Antonio Fernandez

May 26, 2012

Richard Gere's guitar collection: Wow!

Richard Gere who we know as an actor and activist for a free Tibet is also a guitar player and a collector. Boy does he have some nice guitars in his collection. Love his early Martin's and Gibsons. He even has a D'Angelico which was the luthiers own personal favorite.

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Basic Flamenco Right Hand Techniques "Rasgueos"

Like a lot of guitar players I learned about Paco de Lucia through the famous trio he had with John Mclaughlin and Al di Meola. Which guitar player doesn't have "saturdaynight in San Francisco" somewhere.  I have several albums by Paco and would sing along {phonetically and with the doors closed) ' solo quiero caminar'. 

Flamenco studies are very good for every player, especially for the right hand.
I've transcribed the techniques demonstrated here in this video. Again it shows the enormous importance of Paco to modern flamenco playing.

May 22, 2012

Mike Stern - All Over The Place Video clip 2012!! Free MP3

All Over the Place features guest appearances by Randy Brecker, Richard Bona Kenny Garrett, Esperanza Spalding, Victor Wooten and many others.

All Over the Place is Stern's new recording on Heads Up International, a division of Concord Music Group. Set for release on June 19, 2012, the 11-song set aligns the characteristically diverse and adventurous guitarist with a cadre of brilliant guests, including trumpeter Randy Brecker; saxophonist Kenny Garrett; and drummers Dave Weckl, Keith Carlock and Lionel Cordew. Also on hand is a delegation of high-caliber electric and acoustic bass players: Esperanza Spalding, Richard Bona, Victor Wooten, Anthony Jackson, Dave Holland, Tom Kennedy, Will Lee and Victor Bailey.

"I've been playing a lot of different kinds of great music with a lot of different musicians on some of my more recent records," says Stern, whose Big Neighborhood -- released on Heads Up in 2009 -- followed a similarly eclectic vibe. "I love bebop, swing, rock, all the stuff that a lot of guitar players -- especially jazz players -- tend to include in their music. It's the nature of the instrument, but very much a part of my nature as well. There's a lot of music that really inspires me, and it usually covers quite a few territories."

Free MP3 from this album on Mike's FB:

May 21, 2012

Eddie Van Halen's Dad shreds on his ukelele

Roy Smeck rocking out useing finger tapping technique. Not really Eddie's dad of course but a source of inspiration?

May 20, 2012

Tommy Emmanuel - Halfway Home with TABS!!

And there it was in the mail, another transcription by my friend Arno.

Robben Ford NEW very recent live clip

Very nice clip with Robben's trio playing Moonchild Blues. You can find the chord somewhere else on this blog. He still seems not quite comfortable with the pedalboard. Listen to the comment at the very end. Why the chorus all off a sudden? Because it's on there? Doesn't come natural. To me at least. Then there's the drummer .... hear Robben's comment on 1:48.

Robben's playing is very good here. Harmonically rich and very dynamic. Perfect mix of the blues and jazz.

May 15, 2012

Incredible tabs chart !

Want to learn how to read standard notation? This chart will help! The letters along the top from left to right are the note names of the strings from the thickest to the thinnest string. The numbers indicate the fret location, from 0 (not fretted) all the way up to the 24th fret. The letters down the right indicate the note name at that fret number and string.

May 13, 2012

Allen Hinds : Butterfly by Herbie Hancock

Shepherd University School of Music in Los Angeles, have these great musicians on the faculty. This video is of Abraham Laboriel, Otmaro Ruiz, Allen Hinds, Jimmy Branly in a masterclass for the students performing Butterfly by Herbie Hancock.

May 12, 2012

Robben Ford & Dumkudo update May 2012

'He loved the Dumkudo! He even said he prefers it in some ways to the Overdrive in his Dumble. It stayed a little more together for certain sounds. However, he found that he bit off a little more than he could chew with the first version of the board. His tech, Rick Wheeler, said the first show he played at the Blue Note in Japan, when Robben took his first solo, he looked down at the pedalboard and didn't know what to hit - there were so many options that he never had before.

After playing with it for about a month, he decided that he wanted to consolidate the rig to just the essentials, and decided that he would run the Dumkudo into the pedalboard when he used backline equipment.' : Vertex

May 11, 2012

Steve Lukather new pedalboard may 2012.

Update november 2012 click here.
Here's Steve's new pedalboard. We just got back from Steve's rehearsal spot and he's very pleased.

Signal Path:
Guitar-RJM Buffer(brand new product)-splits to tuner and other side to Vol Pedal-Wah-Grace Compressor-Providence Anadime Chorus-Strymon Lex-Custom built interface(under the delays)-Amp IN (Bogner Ecstacy).

AMP Send-Interface-MXR Smart Gate-Benrod Wave Pedal-Strymon Blue Sky-Custom switcher box (3 outs)
1-dry-RJM Mixer
Switched Out-Hardwire Delay 1-returns in stereo the RJM Line Mixer
Switched Out 2- Hardwire Delay 2-Returns in stereo to RJM Mixer
RJM L/R-Bogner Amp(s) returns.

Hardwire delays are modified for KILLDRY.
These delays sound like a million bucks!! Very fat sounding.

Switcher functions are for Delay 1/2 In/Out, Bogner Amp channels and a Marshall channel switching capability in case a rental amp is used.

Dave Friedman/ Mark Day

Mark says Steve sounds amazing through this rig. What a great player!

Per Gade & Billy Cobham - Mr. B.C. incl lead sheet!

Billy Cobham with his Culture Mix group play the track called "Mr. B.C." - a very powerful composition by the guitarist Per Gade to the master Cobham.
The studio version of this track it's included in the Billy Cobham album titled: "Billy Cobham - Culture Mix" (2002)

MAIL from Per:
Hi Jbpool
Thanks a lot I really appreciate. So far in my carreer, I did a lot of touring with Billy Cobham (2000-2005) and played a lot of jazz, brazil, fusion, pop, rock with a lot of other great musicians. I love to play all of those styles that I just menthioned - and love to play both accoustic, archtop and screamin electric:)
For about 3 years ago, I got the a gig in the Danish radiobigband and so far, we played with Chris Potter, Randy Brecker (Grammy nomineed CD with us) Richard Bona, John Scofield, Robben Ford, Charlie Watts!, Larry Goldings etc.

May 10, 2012

May 5, 2012

Miles Smiles tour with Robben Ford

Got my ticket for concert at the North Sea Jazz Festival 2012!!

"Splatch" --
"Blues M.D." -- 

An all-star project named after a sensational Miles Davis album. The album, Miles Smiles, was released in 1967 and immediately caused uproar because of its high and inspired quality. Davis recorded the album with his famed second quintet, which included pianist Herbie Hancock and saxophonist Wayne Shorter (who also composed (Orbits andFootprints). Today, the memory of Miles Smiles will be evoked by a selection of all stars who all have their own history with the legendary trumpet artist. Of course Wallace Roney (trumpet) will perform a leading role; he accompanied Davis on stage at theMontreux Jazz Festivalin 1991. But saxophonist Kenny Garrett, Hammond player Joey DeFrancesco, bassist Darryl Jones and drummer Omar Hakim all share so many Miles experiences that this project is bound to become a spectacular happening. And it might seem remarkable that blues guitarist and Grammy Award winner Robben Ford will be playing as well but he was already present at the Festival, in 1986 when Davis played at the Tuinpaviljoen in The Hague.

May 2, 2012

Frank Gambale & Band - Samba Di Somewhere

Frank Gambale & Band - Samba Di Somewhere

Line-up: Frank Gambale - guitar Tom Coster - keyboards Jimmy Earl - bass Mike Fahn - trombone Alain Rieder - drums Live in Zurich (Switzerland), 1992


Now that's great!

Frank Gambale Soulmine feat. BOCA.

Quotes about Frank Gambale.


CHICK COREA – Jazz Legend.
“Everything you touch with your guitar turns gold - - always has!”
PAT METHENY – Jazz Guitarist.
I’d like to take a month off and study with Frank Gambale to improve my playing technique.”
Guitar Player Magazine

JOHN MCLAUGHLIN – Jazz Guitarist
“I’d like to cut his hands off.” – Chitarre Magazine Italy

JERRY GARCIA (The Greatful Dead)
"A guy I really like is Frank Gambale. His playing is ferocious. It’s a whole different sound, which he gets from his choice of intervals. His smoothness is unbelievable. I never heard a guitar player play that kind of stuff. That snap, the clarity! I love that stuff." – Musician Magazine Interview
“My personal favourite guitarist is Frank Gambale.” – Rolling Stone Magazine interview. 

DWEEZIL ZAPPA (Zappa Plays Zappa)
“In order for me to play the really hard stuff on guitar, I had to completely revise my picking technique, as I found strict alternate picking to be too cumbersome. So I studied Frank Gambale’s method.” – Guitar Player Magazine

BILL MILKOWSKI – Author and freelance Music Journalist.
“ The level of accomplishment that Frank has achieved on the guitar is nothing short of astonishing. Whatever context he’s in, Frank Gambale is bound to stun. He’s a guitarist whose amazing technique is surpassed only by his ultimate taste, finesse and musicality. And that goes a long way.”

"His technique is nothing short of awesome. The speed, fluidity and sheer command that he demonstrates on his solos are a constant source of amazement to guitar enthusiasts all over the world. – DownBeat Magazine

JIM FERGUSON – Guitar Player Magazine.
“Of course Frank Gambale has amazing chops, but leaving it that does him an injustice. Gambale is a top player, and a technical innovator who only uses his facility to execute ideas. In short, he is a remarkable musician.”

MO NAZAM – The Guitar Magazine (England)
"Anybody who keeps up with developments in modern guitar styles will need no introduction to Frank Gambale. He's achieved near superstardom as a result of both his work with Chick Corea's Elektric Band and the popularization of his guitar technique known as sweep picking. His Sweep picking technique has made him an influential player to rock guitar players, metalheads and jazzers alike”.

“[Frank] Gambale seems so born to his instrument that it s simply part of his armature. His solos each had the same quality: unbelievable speed and clarity, attained through his sweep-picking technique, in which the guitarist s picking hand scarcely seems to move.” – The New York Times, in review of a performance with Chick Corea