May 11, 2012

Per Gade & Billy Cobham - Mr. B.C. incl lead sheet!

Billy Cobham with his Culture Mix group play the track called "Mr. B.C." - a very powerful composition by the guitarist Per Gade to the master Cobham.
The studio version of this track it's included in the Billy Cobham album titled: "Billy Cobham - Culture Mix" (2002)

MAIL from Per:
Hi Jbpool
Thanks a lot I really appreciate. So far in my carreer, I did a lot of touring with Billy Cobham (2000-2005) and played a lot of jazz, brazil, fusion, pop, rock with a lot of other great musicians. I love to play all of those styles that I just menthioned - and love to play both accoustic, archtop and screamin electric:)
For about 3 years ago, I got the a gig in the Danish radiobigband and so far, we played with Chris Potter, Randy Brecker (Grammy nomineed CD with us) Richard Bona, John Scofield, Robben Ford, Charlie Watts!, Larry Goldings etc.

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