June 29, 2012

Scott Henderson clinic by Poolguitarblog pt. 1

Unfortunately I had to remove the clinics because of copyright issues I wasn't aware of. It was a clinic from over 10 years ago and never thought for 1 second this was going to be a problem. I was just trying to 'spread the word'.  I emailed Scott and asked him about it.

Hi Jan,

Sorry about that - my publishing company is authorized to take down any non-approved stuff that comes up of me on YouTube. If it's a live show that I don't hate, I'll put it back up, but workshop footage is harmful to me because we're always trying to book them on the road for extra money so if people get it for free, they have less reason to attend.

Thanks for understanding -

All the best,


I understand! 

June 27, 2012

Bill Frisell - Pedalboard Demonstration 2012

The Fretboard Journal magazine took a trip to Bill Frisell's Seattle home to talk pedals. As anyone who has seen Frisell perform over the years can attest, this is a musician who loves guitars, effects and mixing it up. Here, he puts his current setup through the paces for us. It's an up-close look at one of the guitar world's most important innovators.

Frisell is quick to admit that his pedal board changes often -- new finds are always being tried out. He's also done plenty of recordings and live dates with no effects at all.

Effects pedals heard in this video:
Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2
Boss TU-2
Ibanez TS-9 Tube Screamer (stock)
TC Electronics Hall of Fame
Electro-Harmonix Freeze
Line 6 DL4
Wright Sounds Fuzz Stang

Shown, but not used in the video:
Electro-Harmonix Micro POG
Way Huge Electronics Ring Worm
Aguilar Audiolex
Z.Vex Ringtone

Frisell's custom Jazzmaster was built by J.W. Black, with custom art by Terry Turrell. The amp is a vintage Gibson GA-18.

June 26, 2012

Soulive + John Scofield ( Strat & Wha & Fuchs) - Red Baron

Very hot solo by Sco!!
Trying out the Fuchs amp. 7:11 changing setting.

Red Baron Tab
Red Baron
by Billy Cobham
Tab by Erich Schneider   (erichschneider1@yahoo.com)

Gm7  C9  





Rolling Stones - Under My Thumb + TABS

With my first school band we played a lot of Rolling Stones. The guys from the school band had seen me walking around with a guitar and asked me to join them. I had no electric guitar at first but that soon changed. Lots of fun learning all these songs. 
A lot of kids don't know who Jagger is! The know the song Move like Jagger by Maroon 5 but when I ask them who or what is Jagger or a Jagger they have no idea. Some have heard of the Stones, vaguely.
This is the version I made for my pupils. 

June 22, 2012

I Loves you porgy: added Loops trio recording

I Loves you porgy

This is me with my new trio. I wondered what Scott Henderson would do with such a tune and Avi Uberjam Bortchnick produced it. More gain probably and more samples, haha. Still I like what we did with the trio. Heading in the right direction. Nico Staal on bass and Roy Kieftenbelt percussion.

This is what you call a GUITARSHOP!

Looks like a fun place.

June 16, 2012

Pat Metheny Unity Band Podcast

Very interesting background information and lots of clips from the new album.

Pat wrote over 25 songs for this album and played them all. Making a selection later. Basically written as a straight ahead jazz album.

Three reasons for the title of this project:
1.Unity village played an important part in his early live.
2.Music as a unifying thing.
3.The more unity we are going to find among ourselves is alway going to be a good thing.

June 12, 2012

James Muller & friends jamming on Moments Notice

James Muller, Carl Morgan, Peter Koopman (NZ) playing "Moments Notice" at Sweet Marion (Tim's house). Tim Firth (drums), Alex Boneham (bass). 

Allan Holdsworth recorded with Frank Gambale years ago. "Truth in shredding'".  That's how the rest of the world learned about Australia as a place to check out for great guitar playing. James Muller (centre) is one of Allan's favorites. Here you hear why. Jam along!

June 9, 2012

Bill Bailey hilarious Starsky and Hutch guitar act

Saw this on Tv just a few minutes ago. Thanks to Youtube I can share it. Hilarious sound effects!

Chico Pinheiro; new generation from Brasil

"Chico Pinheiro is the next generation of brazilian musician. I feel, he's taken the tradition and added a contemporary flair to what he does and it's just magnificent........,somebody to really keep your eye on." Bob Mintzer

Pinheiro is a master storyteller and weaves his lines like an elaborate tapestry, a sort of patchwork quilt that tells the story his way. Pinheiro has a softness that seems to accelerate and retard his very breath, which increases the dramaturgy of his vocal gymnastics in both English and Portuguese, but more so in the latter—which, when spoken or sung, has those gliding vowels (rising and falling diphthongs) that make for the more sensuous nature of vocal music in languages descended from the Romance languages. Ironically, this also makes Pinheiro something of an astute interpreter of music that borders on the modern troubadour tradition. Small wonder why his music fits like a glove with some of Brazil's finest lyricists— the celebrated poet of the Musica Popular Brasileira/ Tropicaliatradition, Paulo C├ęsar Pinheiro (no relation) being one of them. 
All about Jazz

June 8, 2012

Josh Smith & Oz Noy together: Guitargasm !

Hi guys,
I came across this track by Josh Smith. I was blown away. This so cool! Iwanted to know more about this awesome track so I asked Josh.
 "Dude....please feel free to share. Its a free download. There is a download link on soundcloud in uncompressed WAV format. I can work up a lead sheet while on the plane to belgium today maybe. It features me and Oz Noy on Guitar, Calvin Turner on bass and Lemar Carter on Drums. Thanks again! I hope everyone enjoys it! I wrote it purposefully for the fun of playing with Oz and with him in mind."

June 3, 2012

The Ultimate Scott Henderson SCALE chart

Hi there,

When I saw the first video of Scott Henderson about scales I made a lot of notes. The sheet used to hang over my bed. Playing along with backing tracks I could choose from all the possibilities Scott explained and demonstrated in this must-see video. I have tried to put it all together in one clear page using colors and shapes.

The blue square indicates a triad. In the part about the major 7 chord you can see the !, IV, an V are blue.
When you see the Cmaj7 as the IV chord in the scale of G, you can also use the triad of D.
The blues scales are orange. Scott uses them a lot as we know. I have a video on this blog where he talks about the blues scales starting on the II, III, and VI chord(tone).
The minor7 b5 arpeggio is indicated by a triangle.

When you've seen the video it's all very clear (I hope). I showed it to some friends and they were happy with it. I hope you will be too.

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Have a nice day, JB