June 9, 2012

Chico Pinheiro; new generation from Brasil

"Chico Pinheiro is the next generation of brazilian musician. I feel, he's taken the tradition and added a contemporary flair to what he does and it's just magnificent........,somebody to really keep your eye on." Bob Mintzer

Pinheiro is a master storyteller and weaves his lines like an elaborate tapestry, a sort of patchwork quilt that tells the story his way. Pinheiro has a softness that seems to accelerate and retard his very breath, which increases the dramaturgy of his vocal gymnastics in both English and Portuguese, but more so in the latter—which, when spoken or sung, has those gliding vowels (rising and falling diphthongs) that make for the more sensuous nature of vocal music in languages descended from the Romance languages. Ironically, this also makes Pinheiro something of an astute interpreter of music that borders on the modern troubadour tradition. Small wonder why his music fits like a glove with some of Brazil's finest lyricists— the celebrated poet of the Musica Popular Brasileira/ Tropicaliatradition, Paulo C├ęsar Pinheiro (no relation) being one of them. 
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