June 3, 2012

The Ultimate Scott Henderson SCALE chart

Hi there,

When I saw the first video of Scott Henderson about scales I made a lot of notes. The sheet used to hang over my bed. Playing along with backing tracks I could choose from all the possibilities Scott explained and demonstrated in this must-see video. I have tried to put it all together in one clear page using colors and shapes.

The blue square indicates a triad. In the part about the major 7 chord you can see the !, IV, an V are blue.
When you see the Cmaj7 as the IV chord in the scale of G, you can also use the triad of D.
The blues scales are orange. Scott uses them a lot as we know. I have a video on this blog where he talks about the blues scales starting on the II, III, and VI chord(tone).
The minor7 b5 arpeggio is indicated by a triangle.

When you've seen the video it's all very clear (I hope). I showed it to some friends and they were happy with it. I hope you will be too.

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Have a nice day, JB

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  1. Looks practical indeed, thank you very much for sharing and congrats for your great blog !