July 20, 2012

Naked Wolfgang Muthspiel in Vienna.

When I was writing the music and the lyrics for this project, there was a phase, when a whole bunch of songs came together in a short amount of time. But I also know the opposite state: waiting for something to appear, that one truly likes and wants to be surrounded by. I always thought that composing is less an act of construction than one of finding. The challenge is to not rate those pieces or parts higher that took a lot more work. They are not necessarily better. And also not to get too attached to every aspect of a new piece, since it might become stronger when developed further. But for me the main thing about composing is to wait for those musical cells, that trigger that specific set of emotions every time you hear them. In times where I have little output, that patience is hard to keep. 


Do yourself a favor and visit the stunning website for this project. A lot of work and love has gone into this site. It's an important part of the Naked project with a lot of background stories, clips etc. 

July 19, 2012

Sheryl Bailey swingin' her ass off: "Cedar's mood"

"The ideals of being professional—being prepared, being on time, having a good attitude, being someone who's friendly and easy to work with—sometimes is as important about getting the gig as anything. Because there are so many great players, the more that you're prepared and the more that you're a good person to work with, you're going to move to the top of the list of people to call."  Sheryl

Sheryl Bailey plays her original "Cedar's Mood" with Ian Froman on drums & Brian Charette on organ. 
Sheryl is playing through the TomKat amplifier.

Hi Jan,
I've sent along a chart to "Cedar's Mood"  for your blog. This is on my live DVDfrom Mel Bay "Live in NYC" and from an earlier release "Live @ the Fat
Cat" - both under the banner of "The Sheryl Bailey 3" -also, the lead
sheets, mp3s and cds of my music are all available from my webpage:
www.sherylbailey.com --- there are single lead sheets and songbooks,
including one book with transcriptions from "A New Promise" (fyi)

Chuck D'Aloia 's NEW lesson site! Check it!!

Highly recommended!

Chuck D'Aloia "A Remark You Made" BobbysBackingTracks

'Hello everyone, 

my subscription edu site is finally up!  

I've really worked hard to make this a reality and I'm exited to offer a place to learn that is priced for musicians.
CD Guitar|Online Guitar Improvisation
All of my current material is there as well as new stuff. Roughly 10 hours of material. I'll be adding new material each month and even some new lessons this first month..  

It's about the guitar but more importantly being a complete musician and developing your ear.'  Chuck 


July 18, 2012

The Superdrive Tune- Awesome pedal demo by Jay-P

The Superdrive Tune played by Jay-P Beijersbergen and mixed by Peter Haverkamp. I've known Jay-P for years and he's a real tone freak. He plays mainly in the gospel scene in Holland.  The Lexbos Superdrive is a tube based two channel independently tone, volume and drive controllable overdrive pedal. Check out more players and sounds at http://Lexbos.nl

July 17, 2012

McCoy Tyner Trio with John Scofield - Mr. Pc

A real videoclip featuring the McCoy Tyner trio with John Scofield. I have another clip on this blog with Mike Stern and the Les Paul trio  playing the same piece. There you can find the lead sheet.           ( Click here)

July 15, 2012


Few musicians have global knowledge and talent to compare American Jazz with Brazilian Bossa Nova. Mateus Starling explains in this video lesson how to play both styles.

Mateus Starling, a Brazilian guitarist, producer, composer, columnist of many Music magazines, graduated in 2008 from Berklee College of Music in Boston with a degree in performance, and received the highest honor bestowed by the College (Summa Cum Laude). Check out and enjoy this talented musician.

July 14, 2012

Chicken Wire: Funked up Jazzgroove feat, Sheryl Bailey

Gary Grainger's tune "Chicken Wire" performed on July 12, 2011 at The Collective School of Music NYC by Groove Allegiance: Pat Petrillo on drums, Gary Grainger on bass, Sheryl Bailey on guitar, and Chris Fischer on keys.

I really love this groove. Sheryl playing with an envelope filter and it's hot! Stunning performance. 
Boss Auto Wah - -love that thing!
The Groove Allegiance show was at the Collective School of Music in
NYC - we basically rehearsed once and did the hit. Maybe if folks are
interested we'll turn it into a real band :-)

Visit Sheryl's site and ask for more! 
We want more! We want more!We want more!We want more!We want more!We want more!We want more!We want more!We want more!We want more!We want more!We want more!We want more!We want more!We want more!We want more!We want more!We want more!We want more!

Later this week I'll post a second piece on Sheryl. 

July 11, 2012

Hendyman : brand new fusion track.

Hi everyone,
This is a new tune I wrote for my band. Hope you like it. The source of inspiration is quite obvious, hence the title. I used he axefx 2 in combination with a Xotic BB preamp. I wrote the tune using GuitarPro 6 and exported the midi file to Garageband and then added the guitar parts.

I send this demo to Scott and he replied! Cool.

Thanks Jan,

Cool tune! Good to see someone besides me writing crazy music!

Keep it up!



July 9, 2012

Robben Ford & Miles Smiles @NSJ 2012

Robben Ford with the Miles Smiles Alumni Band. It was a killer set. The band started without Wallace Roney or Darryl Jones. They were both stuck in traffic. Joey DeFrancesco played the bass parts on his Hammond. Omar Hakim of whom I hadn't heard of for quite a while was playing his ass of! Stunning polyrhythms and fills. What a groove! Rick Margitza on sax was ok, no showstopper. There was plenty of room for Robben and Joey to play some great solos. 

During the second song "Splatch" Wallace came in and went straight to the Mic and played incredible lines. I'm a huge fan now! During the third song ( can't remember the name) Darryl came in and Wallace also wanted D. to play a solo immediately. What an entrance! 

With all these great players of course there was less room for Robben to solo. He's also a great accompanist so no complaints there. I could hear his wonderful Telecaster coming straight from the stage-amps. Two Fender amps and of course his Vertex pedalboard.

Be sure to check who is playing with the Miles Smiles project. This last picture was downloaded from allaboutjazz.com and shows Bill Evans and Larry Coryell. On Joey's Facebookpage he announced Larry along with Robben. Apparently the concept booked all over the world and the musicians will see who shows up or not.

Pete Thorn Tour Rig Rundown, July 2012

A lot of changes in the rig. A stereo rig with the CAA head pt100 and a Friedman BE 100.
Friedman is used as a poweramp.
Send from the Custom Audio into the board (Strymon Timedelay and the Line 6 M9 effects) and then back to the return of both amps.
Friedman is also used as a back-up.
AKG digital wireless system: rocksolid and killer sound.
Two Suhrs and a Taylor acoustic 8-series.

July 6, 2012

One Control Pedal Switcher - Tom Quayle Gear Demo

Tom Quayle is a virtuoso.  A friend called him a shredder who loves to play jazz/ jazzy stuff. His tuning differs from most guitar players. He plays standard tuning but tuned the first and second string up a semi-tone. 1=f and 2 is c.

            One Control aims to make products that allow musicians to create their own unique tones and efficiently access them live. One Control has a full line of switchers that range from two channels all the way to ten. So, whether you have a large complicated pedal board or just a few pedals One Control has products that can make using your effect pedals easier. With most loop switchers on the market you would have to use a separate power supply, but One Control has made the innovation of combining a multi-power supply and an effect loop switcher into one product. Thus your pedal board will be less crowded and work more efficiently. One Control also has created the Mosquite Blender, which allows you to chose the amount of saturation your effect has on your tone, and when while you’re not using your pedal it is true bypass. One Control products allow players to fine-tune their pedal board in a way no other brand can.


July 4, 2012

John Scofield & Kurt Rosenwinkel

Kurt w. John Scofield Hollowbody Band!

The John Scofield Hollowbody Band w. Kurt Rosenwinkel (gui), Ben Street (b) & Bill Stewart just finished rehearsals in New York City yesterday, and is about to hit the roads of Europe for a tour that takes them to the countries of: Croatia, Slovenia, Poland, Spain, France, Netherlands, Austria, Italy, Denmark, Norway, Georgia and Switzerland – altogether 20 dates from June 29 to July 24! You can find all the dates here.
Here’s the official description of the project: “The Hollowbodies project offers Scofield the chance to play with one of today’s great guitarists, Kurt Rosenwinkel, joined by Bill Stewart on drums and Ben Street on bass. The guitar has a huge tonal pallet and the Hollowbodies employ that pallet times doubly featuring Scofield`s arrangements for the ensemble and the orchestral possibilities of guitars, bass violin and percussion. It`s a big band! The music is neither through-composed or a hot licks contest! Improvisation is the key ingredient as always and the real magic comes in the interplay”.
The band will perform originals by John, mostly, as well as some originals by other band members as well as a few standards.
We bet jazz & guitar fans will have a ball in Europe this summer! If you catch a show then please send us your impressions! And for more info please visit John Scofield’s website here.

July 3, 2012

Blinded by the light by Captain Kirk from the Enterprise

Blinded by the light live from the Starship Enterprise!

Wayne Johnson - Grasshopper

I was there that night.  I belief they opened the set with Arrowhead. Killer. That was the first tune I had heard from Wayne, ever. Sebastiaan is a great drummer and producer living in Holland.  Check him out. Great projects.

This is me talking to Wayne after the show about Taylor guitars and his pedalboard featuring the BB preamp by Xotic.  In the background you can see Sebastiaan.

July 1, 2012

Jakob Bro feat. Bill Frisell & Paul Motian!

Footage from the making of Balladeering: In New York's legendary Avatar Studios the young Danish guitarist Jakob Bro has gathered some of the most renowned jazz musician, including Lee Konitz, Paul Motian and Bill Frisell....

The documentary film 'Weightless' captures the poetry of a very unique recording session. It offers a rare view into the vibrant, intensive process of combining song writing and improvisation with individual originality.



JULY 6TH 2012

Featuring Paul Bley, Kenny Wheeler, Bill Frisell, The Royal Danish Chapel Choir, Tal R and many many more...

Jesse van Ruller & Florian Ross Elektrio

In for a treat? This is a great CD. Have a listen!
 Florian Ross likes travelling unusual paths

Born in 1972, he studied piano and composition in Cologne, London and New York with John Taylor, Joachim Ullrich, Bill Dobbins,Don Friedman and Jim McNeely.
The first of Ross´s seven albums was released in 1998 under his own name. Ross´s recordings look closely at both the multifaceted jazz tradition and his extraordinary handling of contemporary material. In all formations, from trio to quintet, from string orchestra to brass ensemble, Ross succeeds in reconciling two seemingly different musical forms: improvised and composed.
While many of his European colleagues consider it a virtue to distance themselves from the mainstream, another camp makes an effort to continue the American jazz tradition in Europe as authentically as possible. Florian Ross's music is a refreshing break from this often embarrassing programmatic context. Ross not only ignores the demarcation line but translates traditional aspects into a language of the present. His lack of interest in the idea of “higher, further, faster“ corresponds to his fondness for deeper sound regions and warmer timbres, as sounds oscillate between blue, orange and terra-cotta.

Florian Ross (org), 
Jesse van Ruller (guit) 
 Martijn Vink (dr)
song title
1. Doors Closed5:06+ MP3 $0.99
2. Okay5:37+ MP3 $0.99
3. Heather Deep4:55+ MP3 $0.99
4. Sarinah5:23+ MP3 $0.99
5. Swing By6:23+ MP3 $0.99
6. Scratch5:18+ MP3 $0.99
7. Biscuit5:16+ MP3 $0.99
8. West Babylon, NJ4:10+ MP3 $0.99
9. Kat & Penny4:54+ MP3 $0.99
10. Tremor3:16+ MP3 $0.99
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