July 6, 2012

One Control Pedal Switcher - Tom Quayle Gear Demo

Tom Quayle is a virtuoso.  A friend called him a shredder who loves to play jazz/ jazzy stuff. His tuning differs from most guitar players. He plays standard tuning but tuned the first and second string up a semi-tone. 1=f and 2 is c.

            One Control aims to make products that allow musicians to create their own unique tones and efficiently access them live. One Control has a full line of switchers that range from two channels all the way to ten. So, whether you have a large complicated pedal board or just a few pedals One Control has products that can make using your effect pedals easier. With most loop switchers on the market you would have to use a separate power supply, but One Control has made the innovation of combining a multi-power supply and an effect loop switcher into one product. Thus your pedal board will be less crowded and work more efficiently. One Control also has created the Mosquite Blender, which allows you to chose the amount of saturation your effect has on your tone, and when while you’re not using your pedal it is true bypass. One Control products allow players to fine-tune their pedal board in a way no other brand can.


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