July 9, 2012

Pete Thorn Tour Rig Rundown, July 2012

A lot of changes in the rig. A stereo rig with the CAA head pt100 and a Friedman BE 100.
Friedman is used as a poweramp.
Send from the Custom Audio into the board (Strymon Timedelay and the Line 6 M9 effects) and then back to the return of both amps.
Friedman is also used as a back-up.
AKG digital wireless system: rocksolid and killer sound.
Two Suhrs and a Taylor acoustic 8-series.


  1. Wher ist und Snax II ( Axe FX)?

    1. Pete's Ultra was destroyed in a fire.
      The Axe II is at home. Pete's got tons of gear and he chooses what's best for that particular tour.
      He can't take everything on every tour. Certain acts have smaller budgets for transport then others.