July 9, 2012

Robben Ford & Miles Smiles @NSJ 2012

Robben Ford with the Miles Smiles Alumni Band. It was a killer set. The band started without Wallace Roney or Darryl Jones. They were both stuck in traffic. Joey DeFrancesco played the bass parts on his Hammond. Omar Hakim of whom I hadn't heard of for quite a while was playing his ass of! Stunning polyrhythms and fills. What a groove! Rick Margitza on sax was ok, no showstopper. There was plenty of room for Robben and Joey to play some great solos. 

During the second song "Splatch" Wallace came in and went straight to the Mic and played incredible lines. I'm a huge fan now! During the third song ( can't remember the name) Darryl came in and Wallace also wanted D. to play a solo immediately. What an entrance! 

With all these great players of course there was less room for Robben to solo. He's also a great accompanist so no complaints there. I could hear his wonderful Telecaster coming straight from the stage-amps. Two Fender amps and of course his Vertex pedalboard.

Be sure to check who is playing with the Miles Smiles project. This last picture was downloaded from allaboutjazz.com and shows Bill Evans and Larry Coryell. On Joey's Facebookpage he announced Larry along with Robben. Apparently the concept booked all over the world and the musicians will see who shows up or not.

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