August 7, 2012

All That Jazz: Wayne Krantz - September 2012

If you check out Wayne Krantz 's website you can find a series of lessons there which you can buy for a small amount. HIGHLY recommended. Especially the rhythm lessons are great. Wayne shows how to improve your time feel very clearly.

I found this free lesson on youtube.
D mixolydian : d-e-f#-g-a-b-c-d

Wayne's gear:

Main guitar: slightly modded Tyler Studio Elite w/ Suhr Vintage single coils, Duncan Full Shred in the bridge
Main amp: Marshall 2553, 2×12 or 4×12 Celestion V30s
Main pedals, etc: Crybaby wah, Moogerfooger ring mod, Boss DD-3, Boss OC-2, Blues Driver w/ Analog Mike mod, Loooper bypass box, D’Addario EXL 110, Fender medium picks

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