August 22, 2012

Chuck D'Aloia playing slide (!) on his RedPlate CD2 amp!

Chuck released a whole series of videos where he demonstrates his new signature amp. Check them out!

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The C-D' Special started out as a special build for musician extraordinaire Chuck D'Aloia and is now available as his signature series guitar amplifier. The design concept was simple, create a no nonsense tube amp that can cover all the bases for a studio professional like Mr. D'Aloia.  The versatile preamp section is almost the same as the RedPlate BlackVerb  and has the same Treble, Middle, Bass and MODE controls and also includes the raw "Stack Lift" style boost and  treble fattening mid boost along with a defeatable Presence control and an active master volume that really works without affecting tone.
A 40 watt cathode bias 6L6GC output section can also accommodate 6V6GT tubes for 18 watt output.The amazingly small 12" combo is capable of phenomenal sounding 3 dimensional room coverage without sounding "boxy" or "beamy".  The pedal friendly input and fully buffered effects loop rounds out the feature set for the ultimate Grab-n-Go package.  $1995 accepting orders now! Also available with Export  Voltage option.~35 lbs.USER GUIDE

Red plate amps

*I designed the red plate D'Aloia banner for chuck site : Chuck online!

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