August 20, 2012

Kirk Fletcher - Comping Chords in 12-Bar Blues

Notable blues/funk/R&B guitarist Kirk Fletcher is a faculty member in the Guitar Department at Musicians Institute. Interviewed by Jude Gold, he offers up an inspiring lesson on comping chords in 12-bar blues settings.

Listen to Kirk's wonderful CD :
Produced by legendary Los Angeles guitarist and close friend Michael Landau, "My Turn" finds Fletcher stretching out instrumentally and exploring new sonic territories on the guitar. In addition, Kirk also makes his surprising vocal debut on two songs which include the Jimmy Reed classic "Found Love," and an ultra funky version of Sly Stone's "Let Me Have It All." This is a project that is very near to Kirk, and one that he just absolutely felt compelled to make. So with the intuitively selected album title of "My Turn," it would only be appropriate to let Kirk have the last word... "I am so proud of this record. Though it took a while it was so much fun to get together with my best friends and just play! So here you go and God bless you all."

Kirk Fletcher (guitar, bass, & vocals); Michael Landau (guitar); Gary Novak (Drums); Travis Carlton (bass); Bobby Tsukamoto (bass); Iver Olav Erstad & Rhodes (organ); Tom Fillman (drums); Paulie Cerra (sax and vocals); Luke Miller & clav (organ); Paul Litteral (trumpet); Dave Melton (slide guitar); Dave Melton (slide guitar); James Gadson (drums); Karen Landau (spoken word).

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