August 31, 2012

Timing and phrasing pt 1 Chuck D'Aloia

Hi Jan,

As far as phrasing it comes down to my time spent on the bandstand with Nick Brignola.  He was the baddest and was my mentor.  I was very lucky to have that relationship.  I learned to phrase simply from standing next to him for so many years and listening to how it's done.  I never had the right hand chops to pick every note (and make it swing) so I developed pull off-hammer on techniques to emulate his phrasing (and survive the tempos  ; )

It was an organic process.  I didn't transcribe or have a book of licks.  Nothing like that.  I just played a LOT of gigs.  I can't stress the importance of having that experience with Nick.  There is NOTHING like standing next to a master.  You cannot get that in the practice room.  Good phrasing is about rhythm and feel and I just used my ears. They are the REAL instrument..


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Have a nice day, JB

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