September 1, 2012

Robben Ford-Geartalk an Dojo news sept 2012

The gear talk starts around 5.00. First about his guitars. Basically Robben uses the tele nowadays and somekind of Les Paul type guitar. Nowadays loves the vintage guitars. Main Amp is the Dumble.

T.c electronic reverb Hall off Fame used in stereo. ( No toneprint haha)
Line 6 delay with a mod.
Vintage Wha
Tremolo? What brand? Robben can't remember
No power supply just batteries.

Guitardojo.' I enjoy teaching and clinics' There were some delays with the original company so Robben went ahead and did it himself. The lessons are streaming videos now but will become Downloadable pretty soon!! There will be more development on the site, a play along thing. Solo with the band.

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