September 4, 2012

Timing & phrasing pt. 3 Oz Noy

This morning Oz Noy found the time to answer some of my questions on timing and phrasing.  As we all know Oz is a master of playing with effects etc. But the man is sooooo groovy. His time-feel is super funky! Thanks Oz for taking the time!

Oz Noy trio featuring:Oz,  Dave Weckl & Will Lee

What's your definition of phrasing?
A mix between rhythm & melody.
What's your definition of timing?
rhythms and where you put you notes in relation to the beat.
Did you train this consciously?
Practiced with a metronome to have good time & transcribe solos to study different phrasing.
 Were you aware of it or did people point this out to you?
People point it to me and then i got to be aware of it.
How did you train this?
Practiced with a metronome ,  transcribe solos , do all different exercises.
What were you listening for?
rhythm & melodies

Did you record yourself in order to improve?
Did studio work increase your awareness?
Yes, but more to the rhythm part of it cause you usually record to a metronome and needs to be very precise.
Do you think of some kind of 'grid' between beats as to where to place the notes?
I just think of playing behind the beat or in the middle of the beat, not usually in front of the beat.

Is the bass player more of a rhythmic anchor than the drummer? (steady pulse)
They both as equally as important.
Do you still work on your phrasing? 
I dont work on phrasing , i don't really know how you do that, i just practice different things and it all effects my phrasing at the end.
Do you still steal licks from records?
I try.
Any recent cool licks? 
once in as while i get lucky with a good one but i really don't think of links or look for them.
Do you keep a  diary of licks like Scott Henderson?
No, i have a book with different concepts and ideas, its more patterns and exercises that i apply in different ways 
Do/ did you notice a difference in timing when you play with different people?
Do you consciously vary your timing? Hold back and start a phrase a wee bit later? Style?
i dont have an answer for that BUT the most important thing is to be able to play in the middle of the beat , once you can do that then you can have the control to decide if you want to play behind the beat or in front of it, depending on the situation and the style of music you play.

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