September 7, 2012

Timing & phrasing pt.5 John Scofield

John Scofield on timing & phrasing

John Scofield is one of my absolute heroes. Ever since I first heard him with Miles Davis I've been a fan. I have all of his CD's and Dvd's. So honored that he took the time to help me with my Poolguitarblog. 

Here it is Jan,
good luck with the website!


  Did you train timing and or phrasing consciously?

Absolutely....rhythm ,phrasing and delivery are the most important elements of this music

  How did you train this? What were you listening for?

Anayzing rhythms....learning what exactly they are and where they come on the beat and trying phrases on different beats(i.e 1,2,3 etc.)....listening to records i love to cop the feel!

nging along.....scatting rhythms alone and just improvising in time,getting in the groove!
copying the jazz playing that I love!
  Does Wes Montgomery's time-feel still influence you?

Wes reminds us how important HAVING a feel is and how compelling rhythm can be....Wes along with the greats on ALL instruments,not just the  guitar.

  Did you record yourself in order to improve?


  Do you think of some kind of 'grid' between beats as to where to place the notes? Like drummers do,
  I heard Pat Metheny talk about this. Straight 16ths or 16th triplets in the pit of his stomach he said.

Sounds right to me....internalize the music!

  Is the bass player more of a rhythmic anchor than the drummer? (steady pulse)

I guess but that rule can be broken....i try to listen to both equally

  Do you still work on your phrasing?


  Do you still steal licks from records?


  Any recent cool licks?

Find your own licks ;-)      ( Haha Ok I will, JB)

  Do you keep a  diary of licks like Scott Henderson?

I always have a notebook of music paper with me in my case.....i write out tunes,licks, ideas, lists, phone #s

  Do you notice a difference in timing when you play with eg. Robben Ford or Joe Lovano?

I respond to the people i play with but i don't think about it really, i just respond!....and listening to the band, making room for everone's part, paramount!

  Last question. Do you consciously vary your timing? Hold back and start a phrase a wee bit later?

Not consciously....i'm just phrasing and feeling it.....i try to play right in the rhythm actually ...people say i play"behind the beat" but i'm just trying to sound relaxed, you know?

John Scofield

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  1. Kick ass interview straight up from the master himself!Thank you Jan for sharing this!