September 10, 2012

Vertex Michael Landau Overdrive/Boost Prototype

Foto: Vertex Michael Landau Overdrive/Boost Prototype (back)

This is a prototype overdrive and boost pedal for Michael Landau that has a Vertex Clean Boost on one side and a custom distortion/overdrive pedal based on Mike's tastes on the other.  

The boost level is controllable with an expression pedal by the trim pot above the boost switch.  The amount of boost can be adjusted between unity to +10dB.  

When the expression pedal is used to control the boost level, the level trim pot determines the maximum level with the toe-down position on the expression pedal, and the heel-down position will always be off (silent) no matter how high the boost level is set.  In this way, the boost acts like a volume pedal, but it can provide more level than the original signal (boost).

The overdrive section is an extremely touch sensitive and dynamic and has a lot of available gain, but not a lot of level.  Mike preferred to have it only 6dB over unity gain when the level is at its max.

There is also an effects loop within the unit to allow other overdrive, boost, and distortion units to come between the Overdrive and Boost on the pedal.  The loop comes after the Overdrive and before the Boost.

There are also two 9VDC input jacks, one for the boost which draws about 30mA which sounds best on a regulated power supply, and a second for the overdrive that draws about 6mA which Mike prefers powered off of a carbon battery.

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