October 4, 2012

Bireli Lagrene Fusion Quartet Live In Samois 2012

Bireli Lagrene playing in a jazz fusion quartet. Although Bireli plays some amazing stuff here, I'm not sure I 'like' it. Bireli always seems frustrated. His watch is in the way. His presets are not at the same volume level. ( doesn't care?) I also feel that he chose the wrong musicians for the job. Where Bireli wants to go into the Jazzrock/ fusion realm ( think Holdsworth) his accompanists stay in the standard jazz idiom. If your outside lines or modern lines don't get a responce your bound to fall back in what your used to.I recently saw Booby McFerrin and Chick Core together and they are able to follow each others ideas no matter where the other one is going. Somebody needs to kick his but.  Put him in a band  with people like Gary Willis or Gary Husband, Scott Kinsey and really challenge him. 

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