October 17, 2012

Donald Fagen - Jon Herington exemplary guitar playing!

Go buy it now. You won't regret it. 

Jon Herington is playing guitars on practically every track. The chordal playing and single note riffing should be mandatory listening for every guitar player.
The cd starts off with 'Slinky thing' . Fantastic bass and drum groove. Jon's wha single note riffing is what the doctor ordered. I nearly fell of my chair from groovin; along!! Wha solo, killer. 'I'm  not the same without you' is a great disco tune with exemplary disco riffing. ' Memorabilia' is played by Gary Sieger. The tremolo chords and again single note punctuation. The chords behind the trumpet solo will be homework the coming days. ;-) Jon's  solo on 'Weather in my head' is a mighty tasty.  'Out of the Ghetto' could have been a theme in Starky & Hutch from the '80.  The licks in 'Miss Marlene' are  reminiscent of the great Larry Carlton. "Good Stuff' brings us wha goodness. In 'Planet D'Rhonda' the stereo spread of the two guitar parts is gorgeous. Kurt Rosenwinkel breaks out the champagne with funky jazz solo.

Jon Herington 's  latest solo cd

JON's Gear

I get a lot of inquiries about gear. Here is a general description of my most frequently used gear. Electric guitars I play frequently include a Gibson CS-336, a Fender Telecaster, a Gibson Les Paul Custom, a Gibson Les Paul with p-90 pickups, and a Hamer Talladega Pro. Amps I play regularly include a Guytron GT-100 FV and a Guytron GT-100 each with a closed back Guytron speaker cabinet containing two unmatched Celestion 12 inch speakers, and a Bludotone Bludo-Drive amplifier with an open back cabinet containing two 12 inch Jensen speakers. The Guytron is a 100 watt channel switching amp with an interesting twist: it has an intermediate power amp stage with two EL-84 tubes used for overdrive tone (located in the circuit before the quartet of EL-34 power amp tubes). This allows very good overdrive amp sounds at much quieter listening levels, if needed. (Go to guytron.com for info.) The Bludotone is a 100 watt channel switching amp with a separate tube driven effects loop buffer. I use it with a THD power attenuator for lower level listening. I have three pedalboards which are set up to meet various needs, and I sometimes find myself swapping pedals in or out on each of them, depending on the needs of the music I'm playing. One recent touring pedalboard included a Vox Satriani wah; an Ernie Ball volume pedal; a Boss tuner (in the tuner output of the volume pedal); a Keeley modified Ibanez Tube Screamer; all before the amp input, then in the effects loop of the amp I have a Voodoo Labs Tremolo; an Ibanez Modulation Delay; a Tech 21 Boost DLA; a Danelectro Dan-Echo; and a Boss Reverb. Though that board has a bunch of pedals on it, I seldom use anything but a little delay from the Tech 21 Boost DLA ( a single short, dark setting) and the the Boss reverb, and at a very low effect level. I generally use the amp for all my overdrive sounds. The only overdrive pedal on there right now is a Keeley modified TS9 which I don't use for any drive, but just for the eq change and only on the rhythm pickup. That pedal just makes life a little more convenient by sucking out the excess bottom end and giving a little focus to the midrange on that pickup, and it's easier to use it than going back to the amp and dialing in all different settings that work for that pickup, since I more frequently solo on the treble pickup, and the amp is routinely set for that. I'd rather get the sound from the amp, but it's impractical, so that pedal is sort of a problem solver. I have a number of other instruments which don't get as much use, but I enjoy playing and recording with from time to time. They include a Yamaha AEX 1500 archtop jazz guitar; a Yamaha Pacifica set up as a Baritone guitar; a Music Man Axis Super Sport electric guitar; a Gibson ES-335 semi-hollow archtop electric guitar; a Guild D40 steel string acoustic guitar; a Fender Tele-Sonic electric guitar; a Sadowsky "Tele" electric guitar; an Ibanez GB-10 archtop jazz guitar; a Kalamazoo mandolin; a National Style 1 Tricone resophonic guitar; a Danelectro 12 string electric guitar; a Guild 12 string acoustic guitar; a Martin D-28 steel string acoustic guitar; a Deering tenor banjo; a Spanish made nylon string guitar; a Jerry Jones Supreme Sitar guitar; a Fender Stratocaster; a Martin ukelele. This is the most up-to-date information on my Steely Dan gear for the 2011 tour: • Gibson CS336 • Fender Telecaster • Gibson Les Paul Custom • Guytron GT100 amp • Bludotone amp The pedalboard now has these items on it: (In front of the amp input, in this order:) • xotic effects RC Booster • Vox Big Bad Wah • Ernie Ball 6166 Volume pedal • Boss TU-2 Tuner (fed from the Volume pedal's tuner out jack) • DOD Super Stereo Chorus (to split signal; one output goes to the Leeds pedal and the other goes to the amp input) • Whirlwind Selector A/B switcher (Input A gets the output of the Leeds pedal; input B gets the amp's effects loop send cable; switching toggles between the Leeds and the front end of the amp; either sound gets sent to the effects that are in the amp's effects loop) (In the effects loop of the amp, in this order:) • Voodoo Labs Tremolo pedal • Ibanez DML 10 Mod/ Delay • Tech 21 Roto Choir pedal • Tech 21 Boost D.L.A. pedal • Boss DD-3 Digital Delay pedal • Boss RV-5 Reverb pedal • A/B switch for Guytron channel switching • Switches for Bludotone Boost and Channel switching)

And here's a photo of the latest pedalboard:

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