October 11, 2012

John Mayer jamming with Leonardo Amuedo!!

The great John Mayer jammin' with the equally great Leonardo Amuedo during a set with Chris Botti almost 1 year ago.  Sounds like a Miles Davis tune. Leonardo just posted it on his Youtube channel.

Hi Jan,
Thanks for your words!
I was using a Roland Jazz Chorus 120 and John too.
I was playing my Sadowsky telecaster with a BB preamp overdrive pedal from XOTIC and a Line 6  " M9".
John was using a   Swollen Pickle Fuzz from Way Huge (Dunlop)
John came to play only on the first set but he stayed and played on the second set as well.
He is a very nice guy.



Chris Botti: Trumpet
Geofrey Keezer: Piano
Billy Kilson: Drums
Carlitos del Puerto : Bass
Lisa Fischer : vocals
Leonardo Amuedo: guitar

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