October 21, 2012

John Scofield trio on fire live in Groningen Oct 20 2012

Last night I visited John Scofield trio. They were on fire! Never seen Sco like this. They were more than welcome. Apparently a lot of people hadn't seen there were two supporting acts. Firstly a modern classical performance. 45 minutes!!! Then Ray Anderson quartet. Trombone party.

Finally Scofield trio! They were more than welcome. Greeted like heroes they were kind of overwhelmed by the applause and cheers as they walked onto the stage. This is what everybody had been waiting for. The enthusiasm was greeted by the trio with extremely intense playing. Scofield used his trusted Rat distortion a reverb and a tremolo pedal by Molloon. Every now and then the Boomerang looper. The set included songs like Chicken Dog, Lawns and Eiderdown by Steve Swallow. Scofield was also joking around a lot too. Pretending to be rather envious of Swallow's writing skills. Steve's curtsy was corrected jokingly by Sco: "We're men Steve! We bow, no curtsey"  You could see Bill Stewart think:' What is happening tonight?"

Scofield gear 2012

John Scofield playing Lawns

John Scofield trio live 2012

John Scofield pedalboard 2012: G-Lab, Molloon, Rat, Korg

John Scofield Vox amps

The encore!!

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