October 5, 2012

The other Sylvain from France!!!!

What's in a name one would like to think. Firstly there is of course Sylvain Luc. The other Sylvain  is monsieur Courtney. His finger style  jazz playing is extremely fluent and pleasing. I talked to Sylvain and he would love to do a piece for the blog. We talked about Donna Lee as a possible choice.
He is a very busy man and will hopefully find the time.

As you can see in this video his solo lines are mostly middle and index fingers. Someone like Kevin Eubanks like to play thumb an middle finger. I use both techniques together when playing single note lines. On the first three strings it's mostliy m and i. On the lower strings I use my thumb also to add some funkiness.

With John Stowell.

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  1. Marvellous technique, really effortless. I prever his lines over Stowell's, in fact I've never understood John lines.