October 28, 2012

Tim Miller's lessons review: Sparkle your imagination.

Tim Miller's internet guitar lessons are among the best out there. Hands on exercises that sparkle your musical imagination. The lessons are clear and explained in a very relaxed manner. Everything is recorded in a studio with professional sound and picture from where your personal coach talks to you.

When you enter the site you feel like a kid in candy-store. So much to choose from. Many categories with video lessons zooming in on different topics. Some of the topics to choose from are Chords, Harmony, Improvisation, Phrasing, Technique, etc. There is also live some live footage and a two hour clinic which Tim has cut up in smaller pieces as to avoid digestive problems. A lesson from the Improvisation class may also appear in another class because it has two different tags. A search engine helps to navigate the site.

The lessons themselves are clear and relaxed. Quite often the teacher in the videos is out to impress you with their knowledge and ability to shred or burn leaving you behind completely bewildered  and the firm conviction that you should sell all your gear on Ebay. This is not the case here. Tim plays the examples slowly, explaining everything every step of the way. Most lessons have pdf's with tab. You may not be able to play everything at once with the same clarity and articulation but at least you'll know where it's coming from and how to get there.

Promo with Tim Miller playing his Canton guitar.

Tim uses hybrid picking technique, i.e. pick and fingers alternately in combined with hammer-ons and pull-offs. With these techniques combined he can create flowing but articulate lines. After having tried several picking techniques this is what works best for him. A second important component of his style is the ability to play multi-octave arpeggios like piano players do.
He does this by using three different fingerings. These fingers produce completely different sounds from the same scale because you pick out different notes to create arpeggios.  If you'd like to know a bit more about the 212121 fingerings before you sign up to become a member you can visit the forum and browse through the posts on technique there. The guiding factor in everything must be your musical ear.

Always practice in a musical way with good tone, timing and articulation. Record yourself recognizing your strengths and weaknesses. There's a lesson on how to become more melodic on a single string.
Transcribe and apply. Application of licks and lines after analyzing is important to get it into your system.  Copy and be inspired.  The chromatic lines Tim plays are not scholastic to him at all. It is what he hears because he's been exposed to it by his lessons with George Garzone  and listening to Chick Corea, Brecker etc.

Tim Miller: Internet Guitar lessons.tv

Everything looks and is top notch and there is just one thing I would change. The Wordpress format that is used is a format for bloggers. A different site format would help create an even better learning environment. The site already offers plenty of material and will continue to grow.

If you have a certain level of theoretical knowledge, scales and basic jazz chords and want to take things to a higher level in a hands on, musical way this site is definitely for you. If you are an ok standard jazz player and want to incorporate  more modern sounds to your playing this is also for you.
Questions and suggestions on the forum will be answered by Tim personally.
Highly recommended.

Have a Look : internetguitarlessons.tv

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