November 4, 2012

Frank Gambale: Definite Sweep picking manual!! coming

I'm deep into another Soulmine album ( about 4 or 5 songs into it ).

Soulmine's next direction is a little more pop but with my harmonic desire is to write the best and coolest songs I can...not sure if everyone will feel the same way as I do...hahaha...

I am thinking about another project too, but I don't want to reveal anything just yet.

I have just finished a new book..."The Definitive Sweep Picking Manual" which brings all my latest sweep picking developments up to date since the Speed Picking Book and Monster Licks video in the mid 80s.
The new Sweep Picking books has some very cool chromatic sweep lines to study.

As for a solo album, I recorded one a while for a label that never released it. I am trying to get the rights to release it digitally...I don't think it'll be a CD. Will let you all know.

Frank Gambale: The Definite Sweep Picking Manual.

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