November 29, 2012

Frank Gambale- Nashville/ Gambale Tuning

Raison D'etre is one of my favorite recordings by Frank. In this clip Frank demonstrates the different guitar tuning he used. I'm not a big fan of playing different tunings myself because it disorients me. I like to know the notes I'm playing instead of just chord "grabs". Frank's tuning is ideal for that. You just have to think Capo in Vth position.

This is Nashville tuning down a 5th.
Nashville is EADG (octave up) BE This is A D G C E A all a fifth below Nashville.) But whatever you want to call it it is a nice tuning and I might have to try it myself on one of my many guitars.
What string gauges do you use for your tuning?
I use a .010 gauge set for the bottom four strings, starting with the A string, and for the top two strings I use the D and G strings from a set of .009s. So gauge-wise, low-tohigh, it is .036, .026, .017, .013, .024, .016. It takes a moment to get used to, but within a few minutes, everyone I show it to loves it. The beauty of the tuning is you can play the same shapes that you’re used to, whereas if you use an alternate tuning like open D or DADGAD, all of your shapes go away and you have to relearn everything. In my tuning if you play, say, a D chord shape, it’s still a major triad.  ( guitar player magazine)

Frank Gambale (Nashville) tuning

Frank's Transcriptions

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  1. Awesome post Jan...would love to get the string gauge information he is using in his setup with this....Always really dug the Nashville tunning!