November 12, 2012

"I Want To Talk About You" John Scofield TABS

John Scofield, I want to talk about you. 
I transcribed the first part of this wonderful tune by Billy Eckstine. Hope it will inspire you to continue.
It's from the CD 'A moment's peace' by John Scofield.  Scofield's video from The New Morning DVD was removed from Youtube because of copyright issues. Go buy it on iTunes.

Here's John Coltrane's version:

I found this very accurate description of John's style of playing:

'Scofield’s chops are paradoxical—he maintains drama and tension with diced, asymmetrical phrasing. His agonized facial expressions mask his highly confident, logical and efficient fretwork. There is immense detail in Scofield’s colorations, dynamics, attack and manipulation of the beat, and although he has it all under control, it never seems facile.

It’s a fascinating brew culled from the emotive cores of soul, rock and country. But there was ostensible jazz, too, represented by an early bop chestnut from Scofield’s one-time boss, Miles Davis. “Miles lives on in the fingers of men today, and some women,” said a half-apologetic Scofield, who quoted Chicago club owner Joe Segal’s mantra, “Bebop is the music of the future.”
Scofield’s parsing of bebop lingo on “Budo” and Charlie Parker’s “Confirmation” betrayed his roots in jazz harmony. Still, he has always been as fascinated by textures as notes, capping his solos with a jerky glissando, or short phrases that were choked, flanged or chicken-scratched.' 
Michael Jackson. Downbeat  nov 2012

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