November 2, 2012

Mordy Ferber : Out of the mainstream.

 From Mordy Ferber's lesson DVD available through Mel Bay.
 "I love his sound and his feeling. He writes beautiful compositions. Mordy is committed to the highest level of quality and creativity. He is not afraid to take risks."  

Jack DeJohnette

My most engraved Mordy Ferber memory as an improvising musician was when I heard him in California with Danny Gottlieb and Jeff Berlin. Mordy's playing was hard-edged, avant-garde, don't give-a damn-about convention, and rhythmically on fire. This is the spirit of what I like best about Mordy--he chooses hip scale-dissonance coupled with a rebellious freedom that reveals the pure joy of improvisation.  As a composer, Mordy shows another side, a more abstract, melodic, original, out-of -the-mainstream approach to jazz and that's the Mordy Ferber to whom no-one else can compare...(Larry Coryell)

Mordy Ferber new CD "Reflection" is available now on iTunes & Abstract Logix. 

"Mordy is a wonderful musician who digs deep in his writing and playing with a clear sense of communicating to the listener."(Dave Liebman)

"New York guitarist-composer, Mordy Ferber, is a powerful, contemporary guitarist with an attitude, energy, and a pluck all his own.  And with a batch of riveting originals and plenty of zing per string,
Ferber is clearly his own man."
(Jazz Times)

"On a recording date with Mordy, Hearing His touch, warms and Unique

playing on the nylon string guitar, brought almost tears to my eyes", 
(Peter Erskine)

Mordy endorses Godin Multiac Nylon & Steel Guitars, Framus Electric Guitars & Red Rogue Combo. La Bella strings

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