November 22, 2012

Relaxing the hands: guitar

Yeah that's me in this video. I recently talked about having a wrong image of how you move your fingers. One word that sends a wrong image to your head is "plucking" the string. Plucking too me sounds like arched tense fingers grabbing.  I tried to show you how I do it and how this has benefitted me.

In addition to the tips in the video I like to add the following tip which can be done away from the guitar also. Pick one joint, e.g.. the large knuckle of your left hand thumb or your knee and check several times a day wheter it is relaxed or not. We all hold unnecessary tension in our muscles. When we type, watch tv, wait for our turn in a meeting, supermarket stress.... etc. We cary this unhealthy habit into our playing too. You might need the adrenalin when your solo is coming up but not the tension.  You don't drive your car with the breaks still on!* Do you? Become aware and relax. Every time relax you start breaking the habit.

Relax dude!

Important: Enjoy playing don't struggle.

*Thanks for the analogy:jazzgtrl4

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