December 24, 2012

Frank Gambale lessons news for 2013

Because of earlier rumors about a new book written by Frank I tried to contact him and talked to Amanda Stone from 'the office'.

FG has spent most of the year with his family after a banner year with Return To Forever last year.

-What has Frank been doing lately? Has he finished his book that was mentioned earlier on his forum?
He will be doing a blog early in the new year to let his fans know what he is up to.
I can tell you he has been working diligently on a new series of courses that will form the basis of a new online school instructional website.

Frank Gambale sweeping  news for 2013

-Did he finish shooting all the lessons?
He will begin filming video content that he has been writing early in the new year.

He is also planning to film his entire curriculum that he wrote for the L.A. Music Academy a few years back and also to deliver his new Sweep Picking manual in video form as part of the online courses he will be offering rather than, or possibly in addition to, a published book version.

-That's all very interesting to the fans. Any more hot news?
Again, he will explain further what he has coming up in the new year in his blog.

-Thanks for you time!
Thanks again for your interest in Frank.

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