December 17, 2012

Jam Origin: Polyphonic midi plug & play!!!!!!!!!!

I bought this program today and I highly recommend it. Get the free trial version first and I'm sure you'll want to buy it immediately. It's the future!! No more weird pickups and expensive guitar synth. I use the Apogee One now to plug my guitar directly into the computer.  The software recognizes the One. And of you go. I used the program as a plug in in Garageband and it works great. There is some latency on my old iMac but on my newer Macbook it works really well.

Here are some clips I did.
Clip 1
clip 2
Clip 3 in combination with Line6 Variax

MIDI Guitar - the software solution.

Turn ANY guitar into a guitar-synthesizer or record tablature simply by playing it.
MIDI Guitar it the worlds first software solution for polyphonic guitar recognition.
The transcription runs in real-time, with latency and accuracy comparable to inconvenient hardware MIDI guitar solutions.
I have a Roland guitar synth connected to my home studio via a hex pickup and multi-pin cable. Suddenly it’s a museum piece! I always had missed notes and glitches with my Roland Synth and spent hours tuning the levels and adjusting the pickups. That lot cost me 100′s of dollars and I had to install a custom hex pickup to exact positioning on my guitar…. This worked off the bat perfectly – hardly any glitches and just a little delay. For a few $$$ it’s phenomenal – recording to iMac + Logic Pro 9. YOU GUYS ARE LEGENDS!
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