December 27, 2012

Julian Lage Solo Guitar Performance

Julian Lage performs a solo version of 233 Butler from his album, "Gladwell," available since April 26, 2011 on EmArcy Records.

Julian Lage - Gladwell (2011)

SOURCE:  Published: 2011-04-29
Julian Lage
By S. Victor Aaron

Don't get me wrong, I love jazz guitarists who derive their inspiration from guys like Wes MontgomeryKenny Burrelland Pat Metheny, but it's so refreshing to hear a new guitarist come along who excels by taken the road less traveled. That's former child prodigy guitarist Julian Lage, who seems to be more in line with the vocabulary of swing jazz guitar pioneer Django Reinhardt, classical guitar godfather Andres Segovia and bluegrass guitar picking legend Tony Rice. And like those guys, he takes an acoustic approach to his guitar whether it's plugged in or not: there's no effects getting in between his playing and your ears.( read more.)

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