December 14, 2012

Scofield recording NEW Uberjam band

This is an incarnation new Uberjam band - video featuring Andy Hess and Avi Bortnick and shot by Klaus Wikberg - the tune is "Al Z'Groover" written by Bortnick/Scofield. Tony Mason on drums - Uberjam will alternately feature drummers Adam Deitch or Louis Cato or Tony Mason.

John Scofield New Uberjam 2013

On break from rehearsing the Scofield Uberjam band, with John Scofield, Adam Deitch, and Andy Hess.

Hi Jan,
Trying out 3 new pedals but  i have to wait till i get them next week to give you the proper names....nothing too different though....still lots of boomerang!
See you in Rotterdam!

John Scofield

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