January 13, 2013

John Scofield's own Uberjam Deux gear pics!!

I'm very fortunate to exchange mail with the great John Scofield. I really love his music and playing very much for many years now. I think it's absolutely great that he takes the time write so I can  share with y'all. Thanks John.
On Jan 8, 2013, at 8:53 AM, Jan Bertil Pool ; wrote:
Hi John,

Best wishes for 2013.  Thank you very much for your input on my Poolguitarblog.

Hope the recording session for Uberjam Deux went well!?
Heard the New Year's eve concert with some of the new songs. Wow.

Did you have time to check on those new pedals?

Jan Bertil Pool

Op 8 jan. 2013, om 15:07 heeft John Scofield het volgende geschreven:

Hi Jan
I've got new pedal board at home ...be there end of week ..send me email to remind me to send you a pic..Thanks!

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Hi John,
Did you manage to get the picture?

BTW Transcribing Techno right now. Will post it soon.


Jan Bertil

John Scofield's own gear pics

Uber pedals

INTERFACE (input buffer), Vertex True Bypass Loop (Digitech Whammy XP100), T.C. Electronic Polytune Mini, Vertex Axis Wah, Rockett Blue Note, Vertex Modified GE-7 Equalizer, INTERFACE (break-out insert), Vertex Modified CE-3 Chorus, Neunaber Technologies Mono WET Reverb, Vertex True Bypass Loop (Boomerang Rang Plus), INTERFACE (single output buffer/splitter, splitting MONO signal to two amplifiers)

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