January 4, 2013

Scofield Uberjamband LIVE @NPR

Scofield's 2002 album Überjam merged his cutting guitar with raucous electronic-infused rhythms; Berklee welcomed him back to perform that music. The Überjam quartet plays as part of Boston's citywide First Night celebration, where its leader announced that a second "Über" album is on the way.
Set List
All compositions by John Scofield.
  • "Thikithali"
  • "Snap Crackle Pop"
  • "Ideofunk"
  • "Jungle Fiction"
  • "Boogie Stupid"
  • "Cracked Ice"
  • "Dubdub"
  • "Bunga"
  • "I Brake 4 Monster Booty"
  • John Scofield, guitar
  • Avi Bortnick, rhythm guitar/sampling
  • Andy Hess, bass
  • Louis Cato, drums

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